Monday, April 27, 2015

Some fun in the sun, snow, and rain!

Teague picked out these sunglasses when we were in Great Falls with Callie last month. He just looks too cool in them. His tracksuit makes him look like a mobster from The Sopranos. I like calling him "Paulie Walnuts" when he wears this.
We had another fun park day with about 10 other Emerson kids. They have a good time. You can tell by this groovy table dancing.
There were three of us Moms there. We brought snacks and drinks and just let them have fun!
Carter and his buddy Nathan. He is the nicest kid. He, Carter, and Sam always have fun together.
We were guinea pig sitters this weekend while Abb, Jord, Terri, and Mom went to Billings to watch Jordan dance. Here is Carter holding Olaf. Olaf likes to eat and make happy noises!
Here is Avery holding Onyx. Onyx was a bit more shy. They are very low maintenance though! Dynamic Dance and Tumbling won best studio by the way. They had a great weekend!

Auntie Terri picked some tuna casserole for her Earthday Birthday. Then I made this super ugly chocolate cake. Luckily it tasted delicious! Happy Birthday Terr!
She asked the kids to help her blow out the candles. Carter really helped!
Sunday was a snow day. It rained a little in the afternoon too. Spring is crazy! Teague thought it was a good day to draw.
Carterman ordered a cool new Chima set from Amazon with some of his Birthday money and gift cards. It is awesome! He was so excited when it came in the mail.
Dad drew three delightfully warped pictures. This one was my favorite. Hamburgers attacking a house, why not?
It really made Teague laugh too. He climbed on Papa's lap and just giggled every time he looked at it!
Carterman had his first baseball practice on this beautiful Monday! 60 degrees! He had a lot of fun and actually has 2 kids from Emerson on his team this year.
Teague was showing me how the Quetzalcoatlus on his shirt would fly. He spent about 6 hours outside today. I loved it as much as he did!
Avers got her tumbling costume today! It is gorgeous :) I am excited to watch her recitals!

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