Sunday, April 12, 2015

Carter Robert is 8!

Miss Boo doing some science experiments. She is very studious.
Teague loves this new shirt Grandma got him in Billings. We all love Guardians of the Galaxy!
Daddy and Carter having some snuggles. They were putting together a new Lego Chima set that we got him for his birthday. We let him open one present a day early. He was a bit impatient!
Ave had Korin over to play on Friday. They are super cute together and have the best time. You can always hear them laughing and laughing!
These two love pears, just like their Dad. I was trying to get a nice picture of them eating them for breakfast. Kyle's foot made an appearance here.
And here! I give up. It's awfully funny though!
Carter had his party at the laser tag place this year. It is probably the best place you could ever bring 8 year old boys! They were really funny and quite sweaty afterwards. I think they all had a great time! Here we have: Tre, Carter, Dallas, Colin, Gavin, Colton, Colby, and Teague!
I was standing behind Carter and asked Kyle to take a picture of him with the cake. This is a great one!
Dallas, Colin, and Tyler enjoying some Iron Man Cake.
Colton, Tre, Nate, Gavin, and Colby digging in at the next table. While these guys were eating, Avery, Madisyn, Mason, Terri, Abb, Jord, Teague, Reece, and Kyle were playing laser tag. It was hilarious! I feel bad. His party was super fun, but crazy. I had no pictures of Nicole, Connor, Little Kyle, Mom, Sam, Siri, Brooklyn, Reece...etc. We are just glad he had a great time!
The party was so busy he had to open his presents at home! He got a Nerf gun and darts from Nathan and Tyler - always a safe bet! Teague's face is pretty awesome here too.
Mason picked out this gun for him. It might have been his favorite thing! Terri, Abb, and Jord watched him open presents too and got him an Amazon gift card. It's burning a hole in his pocket! He had the very best day! Thanks to our friends and family. You are all the best!
Ave in these "lab" glasses kills me.
She was dressing Clover in Barbie clothes and tying his ears in a ponytail. Quite lovely.
Sunday was pasty day! Carter always picks them for his birthday dinner, and that is fine with the rest of us. They are a bit time consuming, but everyone loves them. Avery is my little helper. She is very good at measuring the flour for the dough.
She doesn't pack it in and levels it off nicely! She also mixed dough by hand and peeled potatoes. She's a good girl.
Teague had the first pasty and loved it! So he had another after that!
Carter got two gift cards for Game Stop from Colton and Colby. He used one today to buy a Lego Chima game for the DS. He was quite happy with it!
Lastly, Carter with some pasties. He is such a good boy, and I'm glad he had such a fun weekend. It's really hard to believe I have an eight year old! Time is passing way too fast.

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