Sunday, June 7, 2015

School's out!

We have skipped spring and gone straight to summer! Our lilacs opened up with two days of sunshine. The smell is my absolute favorite, I love it!
Somebody named Teague has lovely curls after a bath. He told us he needed a haircut when he saw them.
Terri sent me a little cartoon drawing of a Mom carrying a ton of groceries and a little boy asking if she can also carry his stick! It made me laugh a lot because this boy loves to collect rocks and sticks. He found some really great ones the other day - I believe he called them the hook, lasso, and hand.
Teague really wanted to go to Clark's Park on Thursday. It was beautiful, so we did. These three were all super excited to see that the cowboy swings were up.
Last day of school! This year went very quickly, and they both had great teachers and friends. Their report cards were fantastic too!
Ave and her best buddy Korin after school. Ave had some tiger face paint which was lovely! Korin is kind of shy in school, but not around Avery. The teachers wanted to keep them together, so they both have Mrs. Laramie for first grade next year.
Carter and a couple of his buddies: Sam and Nate. They are both very nice boys, and I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of them this summer since they all live within a few blocks of each other.
Before haircuts!
And after! Carter had baseball practice so I missed his. Teague looks like a big boy now.
Because they had such good report cards, we took them to Butte's brand new Buffalo Wild Wings. It was crazy busy, but quite tasty and fun. The kids liked this photo area in the waiting room. Looking fit Carterman!
You too Avery Tigerface!
Teague is a cricket player.
We've been taking walks on the trail late at night. The goslings are getting much bigger.
Muscle man! I love when little kids wear sleeveless shirts. Teague said he was super strong because of the cowboy swings. They do give your arms a pretty good workout!
Summer time means sprinkler time. We were happy to see that Ave's 4T swimsuit finally fit her! The bottoms were made for a kid wearing a diaper I think.
Teague enjoys marching through the water.
This boy is just too happy in the sun! Hope everyone is enjoying beautiful weather like we are!

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