Monday, June 29, 2015

Two very busy weeks!

This is our new summertime tradition - getting the old sandbox out and filling it with bubbly water. It's always a good time!
Carter enjoys anything that can squirt other people.
My girl always has tons of curls after a run through the sprinkler.
I like a good action shot!
We have had some absolutely beautiful skies lately. I took this one as I was heading to the walking trail one night. This was looking south.
...And this was looking north. Pretty cool.
We attended a super fun birthday party down at C street park for the youngest Stodden boy, Christopher. They had a million water balloons for all the kids to play with. They started out doing a water balloon toss.
Carter and his buddy Nathan did very well.
It broke out into an all out war!
Time to sing!
The Spiderman cake had some very blue frosting!
We heard Kelsie's plane was at least an hour late, so we didn't head to Bozeman. We went back to Mom and Dad's house to find...Lando Commando! They tricked us and came in two days earlier than they had planned.
Hawkins immediately liked Avery. She has read him many a book while he's been here. He is such a good baby.
On Father's Day, Kyle had to head to Las Vegas for a conference. Luckily we got this cute picture first. They love their Daddy.
Hawkins is getting good at picking up baby Cheetos and Puffs. He loves them!
5 kids do not make it easy to take a picture. They were all enjoying a tasty breakfast here though. Little Lincoln is such a cutie!
I like the difference here between Joe and Avery's heights.
All the kids love Joe. He let Carter do some cool ninja skills here.
Erica saw this trick on Facebook - the laundry basket in the tub. It works quite well as you can see! Hawkins enjoys a good bath.
Lincoln wanted to get in, and Ave wanted to help. She really loves her little cousins.
I like this picture of these two checking each other out. Hawkins is pretty good at pulling himself up.
...And now Ave is in too!
A clean baby chilling with his Auntie Kelsie. He is buddies with everyone.
Ave's exciting tball game was not enough to keep this guy awake!
Not sure what kind of move Teague is doing here, but it's a cute picture of the big boys!
Linky Lou loves when his Mom tickles him!
Ave and some of her fans - all these cousins together just makes me so happy!
Grandpa reading a story to all his grandkids, so cute.
We have played some pretty impressive whiffle ball games so far. Kelsie and Lincoln were there too, but he had to check out the swings.
Teague and Lincoln happened to both wear cool Batman pajamas on the same night.
Abbey giving Hawkins a bottle. Once again, he is buddies with everyone.
Lincoln really likes to be naked! He also loves being outside.
Jordan cooled the big guys down after a sweaty day of basketball camp. They were the youngest kids there, but they were tough and ended up having fun.
Tickles for Lincoln!
I absolutely love this picture!
We had a fun day at the wading pool on Thursday. These two got thoroughly soaked before heading to camp.
Avers had a blast getting cooled off.
Abb and Jord got to come hang out for awhile too. This girls' picture is super cute too.
Jamie met us there with Liam. Teague and Liam always seem to have fun together.
A big goofball
Two more silly kids - bearwalking through the water.
Link saying "What's that?"
It's baby Hawkins splashing about!
So cute!
Carterman watching Hawkins for a minute for Erica. He's a very easy going baby.
Kyle brought back some cool stuff from Las Vegas. I love my Beatles shirt and wallet. Ave and Carter got some cute clothes. All the kids got a Lego X-Men set to share, and Teague got a super cool Ant Man costume!
More fun in the pool!
Ave striking a patriotic pose!
Fairmont Day! I only took a few pictures. None of the water fun unfortunately. I'll have to steal some from Erica and Kelsie later. Here is a cute family photo!
Ave had a delicious salted pretzel. She thought maybe there was one piece that was too crunchy...more on that momentarily.
Erica and her boys with part of my finger in the frame. I take excellent pictures.
Abb and Jordo were there too. They are always super helpful :)
The crunchy part of her pretzel was in fact her tooth! She finally lost one!

Family photo - who knows what Teagie Pie was doing here!
Hawkins gave Kelsie some very nice kisses.
Even more slobbery baby kisses!
He loves when you kiss his neck like this - he can't help but laugh!
Carl and Jenny were here all week too. I apparently didn't take any pictures of us all hanging out. We had a nice visit with them as always. They got to take a little trip to Yellowstone with Mom and Dad too. Here is a rarity - a family photo that all the Burgman side is in (we were missing Sean though, he'll be here soon)! It turned out pretty good!
 After the dance show Friday, in which Jordan was awesome, we headed down to the KC. Our brother was there, so we got a siblings picture. We have too much fun together!
 Aunt Diane was at the dance show too. It was great to see her, she always makes me laugh! I think Erica has a picture of Mom, Terri, and Diane that I'll have to steal. This was after the show though. We are proud of Abb and Jord. The time they have put into dance is amazing. Ignore the creep-o in the background...
 Last night we went to the drive-in to see Inside Out. It was an awesome night for it! Here are my three with a Lincoln walking by.
 These boys really enjoyed their popcorn!
 All the crew who attended: Erica, Hawkins, Abbey, Kelsie, Joe, Kyle, Jordan, Terri (in her car), Teague, Lincoln, Avery, Landon, Carter, and me! It was a cute show and so nice out!
 5 weird kids happy to be together!
 I love the drive-in, and I love summer. We are having the best time!

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