Sunday, May 31, 2015

2 weeker

Sorry this is a week late. These last weeks of school have been crazy! Anyway, Kyle played in a cops vs. firemen charity bball game last week. The cops lost, but that's okay. It was a lot of fun to watch. There he is in action.
The cops had just a few more people on their team! Most of them were not basketball players though, so they just played to be charitable. Kyle enjoyed having Coach Green again as his coach!
Lori and Leena made signs for Kyle and Richie. We watched Lori lose a pretty big hand at a poker party one night. When Kyle said "Ouch, that sucks", Lori replied with "Whatever, it's chunk change." We have been laughing about it ever since!
The firemen sent over a little girl with donuts to the cops' bench during the game. It was quite amusing! It also allowed Kyle to reenact his picture!
Carter had a baseball game (which Grandpa nicely took him to). These two little monkeys had a good time with me though. Ave also loves a good donut (or two!)
Kyle is not able to compete in anything charitable without hurting himself. Luckily he just tore a calf muscle this time. It made some very pretty bruising down his leg and foot the next day. Ave loved it as you can see.
Me and my Boo actually took a selfie together (God I hate that word) while we went for a late walk last week. It was just a super pretty day on the trail.
This was about ten minutes later. When it does get dark, it happens quickly!
Nothing liking spreading lovely yellow weeds around Butte.
She was dressed up as Lucy from Despicable Me 2 the other night. She's a weird one...
Carter had a fun birthday party to attend  last weekend. His friend Dallas had a ninja theme. These blow up swords were a big hit. Here he is chivalrously attacking a girl from his class.
There was quite the melee as you can see!
We went over to Clark's Park a half an hour early to let these guys play a bit too.
Ave is I take a lot of pictures. I have to document this phase of her life.
Uncle Kyle was in last weekend. He hopefully only has a couple more weeks to work in Baker, then he'll be much closer in Three Forks. He and Avery found a fun game to play together on his new Kindle.
Ave's game got hailed out the other night. You can't even see the hail here, but it happened! Spring in Montana is always interesting.
Double play dates are always lots of fun. Luckily all kids like to draw with chalk outside!
Teague looked smashing in this outfit from Terr, Abb, and Jord the other day. Kyle and I are big fans of the V-neck on him!
This little man had some gorgeous curls today. That means it's almost time for a summer haircut.
Ave was just a bit tired yesterday. This is how she fell asleep on me! Hope everyone is enjoying the last day in May!

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