Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

We can't spend all our time outside, we would literally melt. So we had a play-doh adventure. This was my handywork. I was pretty proud.
5 kids having a good time together!
Dad and Jordan both bought those water balloons that tie themselves. They didn't all work, but we definitely had enough for a pretty epic water balloon fight.
Almost time to start!
We also had to make a trip to Silver Bow. It's a tradition, and it's always tasty! This is such a good Teagie smile.
Jordan made Link hold on to the pole, so he put his fingers in his mouth. He actually did enjoy it!
It has been so hot in Butte (and all of Montana) that they put a ban on fireworks to prevent fires in the dry grass. We made sure we lit off all ours on Tuesday night before the ban went into effect on Wednesday night. Kelsie made sure everyone danced when it was a strobe light firework! She and Ave are rocking out here!
Two little weird boys having a good time!
Erica got the big boys some giant sparkler swords. They were pretty awesome, and I'm not a huge firework fan. I like sparklers and fountains. No one gets hurt usually from those.
Kels and Joe left early on the 1st for a wedding in Philadelphia. Lincoln stayed with me, and we had a great time. He was a very good boy. He and Teague played blocks for awhile and then fixed up the house with Teague's tools.
Carter's game at Mile High was interesting that day. Their sprinkler system had a leak. It didn't effect the field, but one set of bleachers was pretty flooded. It was hot, we had extra clothes, and I let these guys play. They had a blast! Carter's team won too!
Probably my favorite picture - that is pure joy right there!
Two very happy boys.
How could I say no?
After the water balloon fight the day before, we still had some water in the cooler. It was a great place to relax!
...And be weird!
We took a walk down to Dairy Queen with Grandma and Papa on Thursday night after Carter's last baseball game. They lost 6-7, but he scored three runs (walked twice and had a nice hit.) I hope he sticks with baseball. He seems to really enjoy it.
Grandma and Lincoln enjoying a cool treat.
My three kids happened to be all in blue! Look at Carterman, what a goof.
We were watching baby Hawkins while Erica drove to Bozeman to pick up Sean. He was such a good boy as usual!
Our kiddie cones in Montana are apparently huge!
Ave and I slept upstairs with Lincoln. He has been using the toddler bed. He loves it, and he's an excellent sleeper.
My friend Alicia was in town with her two kids, Bryson and Brooklyn. We made a trip to her parents' house where they had a fun sprinkler and kiddie pool set up. These guys had a blast!
On the third we always watch the fireworks from Mom's friend Judy's house. It is an amazing view and so much fun. Their dog isn't a fan on the fireworks but did venture out of the house just to lay on Dad. It was pretty funny. Lincoln loved petting Buddy but insisted Buddy was a cow!
Teague wore some night vision goggles upside down, and they looked awesome!
Callie came in for the 3rd. We love anytime our buddy Callie can come over for a visit! Auntie Callie is pretty awesome, and Linky Lou liked her right away.
I always try to get a picture of my parents with my kids on the 4th, this one is pretty cute.
Lincoln sat on Callie and kept saying "That's a big one!"
Not the best picture, but the fireworks were awesome this year. Best show I've seen in quite awhile.
Afterwards, Judy's kids gave everyone glowsticks. They were a big hit and made running around in the dark really fun!
Parade time! Sean's family joined us this year and brought a big canopy for shade. It was pretty awesome. All the kids' enjoyed their seats - we have Sean's neice Kiera, Ave, Link, Lando, Teague, and Carter looking cool here. Sean's nephew Elijah was sick. Luckily he perked up by the evening.
Oh yeah, Grandma got the kids some very patriotic sunglasses.
This is such a cute picture! Ave and Jordo are always buddies.
Landon helped Lincoln wave his flag for all the firetrucks. It was very cute. Lincoln loves Firetrucks.
Callie and her buddy Teague took a picture together. Then...
switched sunglasses! This makes me laugh :) Callie is the best.
Teague kept trying to drink out of the sprinkler, which was barely on. Everytime he tried, Papa would step on the hose and make water shoot out. It was pretty funny!
My cute fella.
Success! These two weirdos had many drinks like this.
It also gave Link an amazing widow's peak!
We were invited out to Sean's Dad's house for a barbeque that evening. His house was awesome and had so much room for the kids to run and play. It was nice for us to all meet too since Erica and Sean got married at the courthouse in Watford City. It was a great night with great people and great food. Lincoln really enjoyed his watermelon.
Erica asked if anyone wanted wine. It was just her, so why dirty a cup?
Baby Hawkins enjoyed people watching from his activity center.
My three little sweaty monkeys. They have a trampoline out there, and they all loved it.
Jordan and baby Hawkins - our two blondes right now! Jordan left for Vegas the next morning. We hope she's having fun and winning some dance awards.
Abbey and Callie had a good time catching up. Abbey said she credits Callie with her tumbling success! Callie always helped her when Abb was little.
I had to get at least one picture of Kyle. The 3rd was his Friday, so he got to come out on the 4th after he woke up.
Two little guys with Jordan helping them of course.
I like this action photo. Lincoln got some air!
Avery, Elijah, Carter, and Landon running for the parachutes. It was a gorgeous day.
Sean's brother-in-law Corey helped the kids light a few fountains. Ave loved it.
This makes me laugh. Ave and Teague may have went down a little early in their game! Elijah (who is 8 also) and Carter got along great.
Me and my little man. He's can be a turkey, but he's awfully cute.
The sunrise was amazing.
Time to roast marshmellows! Teague was a big fan of roasting, but he didn't want to try a s'more. Luckily lots of other people did.
Lincoln finally fell asleep on me at 11. We had a busy, but very fun 4th!
Kels and Joe were coming back on the 5th. I made these guys take a bath in the morning so they didn't smell like sweat! They didn't mind.
Teague decided he needed to play with two IPads I guess.
The 5th was a nice relaxing day, which we needed. Hawkins was so wore out from playing and playing that he fell asleep right on the floor.
We got some really fun Sesame Street Apps that all the kids love. Grandma was helping Lincoln with his here.
It was also a little overcast on Sunday. We went for a nice walk on the trail in jackets. Avery loves Lincoln. She's always a good helper with him.
Teague said he was tired and then biked pretty much the whole two miles. Kyle just gave him a little push on the hills.
Then we decided to paint some pictures. It's messy but lots of fun!
Ave and Lando were very meticulous with their pictures.
It's nice to have something they can all do together.
My Carterman did a great picture of Two-Face from Batman. We had such a good time. Hope everyone else enjoyed their holiday!

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