Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Program week/Broken Foot

Carter and Avery had their Christmas program on Tuesday last week. It was super cute. These are out of order obviously, but my Mom's friend Maureen was there taking pictures for the school district. She sent these to Dad's email. They are much better quality than what I got with my camera! There is Avers middle front. She looked beautiful in her Christmas dress from last year.
They did a cool song called "Hip Hop Reindeer" where they wore sunglasses. Teague liked the beat a lot. She got pushed back a little in the afternoon program, but she did a great job!
Carterman was super easy to find! He decided to wear his bright yellow Puma polo. He looked great!
He also did 3 songs and was much more energetic in the afternoon program. Guess he just needed some lunch!
He totally was hamming it up for the camera. He did a good job balancing too. It was his first day at school with the walking'll see that soon.
This is what happens when you make a 4 year old sit through 4 Christmas programs at Emerson (Ave had morning and afternoon k-2nd; Carter had morning and afternoon 3-6th!)
Now back to the beginning of the week. On Monday I got a call from Emerson at about 10:30. Carter had fallen playing a game at recess and said his foot was really hurting. I came and got him and gave Mom a call at Montana Orthopedics. She got us in with Dr. Gallagher. To be honest, I thought he might be being dramatic. He could move his ankle all around, and it wasn't swollen. Mother of the Year alert: I was wrong! He had three broken bones on the middle top of his foot. He is in a walking boot for 4-6 weeks. He's a trooper though as you can see by the picture.
He likes the look of his black and yellow boot anyway!
He was cheered up by meeting Duke, Abbey's new Chihuahua puppy. Duke is quite a little maniac. He is very cute though, and the kids absolutely love him.
Now some pictures from my phone at the program. This is Ave and her buddy Autumn waiting to go up on stage for the finale. They are goofy.
There is my broken foot boy. Everyone asked if he matched his boot to his shirt. It was just a happy accident!
I tried to get a picture after school. The morning was just too hectic. Laney really wanted to be part of it. She misses us when we are gone!
There's a nice one!
Just the two dressed up kids and their buddy.
Avery asked Santa at the Festival of Trees for an elf on the shelf. Kyle and I thought that wouldn't be very fun because then she would go away right after Christmas. She wrote a letter to Santa asking for one to watch them and make sure they were good before Christmas. Two days later, a girl elf was on the couch! Ave named her Emily. Then she read the book out loud to her brothers. Now we know all the rules about Emily.
Teague had his daycare Christmas party on Thursday night. Grandma Burgman ordered him this tie, and he loves it! He was super excited to wear it!
He was giving me a lot of fake smiles before we left. He was excited though to sing for us.
There is a terrible picture of him up on stage waving to me. Kyle took a video, but it was really hard to see him. A bunch more kids ended up in front of him. Made me kind of sad. It's his last one! He sang Rudolph, Jingle Bells, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas.
Enjoying some dessert afterwards.
Do you see how proud of his tie he was? It had to be front and center!
Santa was there! They were not shy at all with him this year.
He's third from the left in this one. I took it from Facebook.
We made cookies on Saturday. This gingerbread howling wolf got a little messed up because the dough was really soft. Mom turned it into a cat with an itchy butt! Not intentionally of course, but we laughed and laughed!
Teague's painful smile. He did a pretty good job decorating.
Ave did a fantastic job. She stayed and helped until the vey end.
Carter decorated two, ate them, and was done for the night. He hasn't been sleeping great though. That boot wakes him up when he turns in bed.
Kyle made some delicious frosting as usual. We had many colors to chose from.
Mom and Teague. I caught them working. Mom, Kyle, Avery, and I laughed and laughed all night. We made some beautiful cookies.
If you zoom in on these, some are very interesting. We have dinosaurs, wolves, shamrocks, giraffes, Spidermen, etc...along with some traditional Christmas cookies. They taste great too!
They did help roll and cut out all the cookies. Another successful batch! I still have to do Spritz sometime this week.
Lastly Teague has been being pretty good about getting himself ready to go - coat, gloves, and boots are good to go. He keeps putting this Mohawk hat on sideways though, and it always makes me laugh! Hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season!

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