Saturday, January 2, 2016

Leading up to Christmas!

Papa finally had his hip surgery on the 16th. Dr. Gallagher said it was the biggest piece of metal he's ever put in anyone! Way to go Dad! Teague was sick so I didn't bring him to visit. Dad's doing well though. Moving around on his walker like a champ.
We have a lot of snow here! I liked how the lights looked under the snow at our house. Our ornaments on the fence look like they are wearing Russian Fez's too.
Googles couldn't wait to do the Frosty Gingerbread house that Grandma got.
Kyle also loves a good Gingerbread project. They made a good team.
The kids got out of school on Friday the 18th, and we went straight to Sunburst. We watched Nate's team win easily at the gym. They are fun to watch! Teague enjoyed taking up as much room as possible while he slept in between me and Ave.
Grandma Diana had some cool "Learn to Draw ...." books. We all had a lot of fun with them. I don't want to brag, but this dinosaur I drew is my masterpiece.
Chris and Aly and their kids had our kids open one present from them while we were there. The boys had a great time with their SuperHero Mashers, and Ave loved her Descendants book. Thanks again!
They had a lovely dinner out at the farm the next day. We are very spoiled when we are there! Phil and Mary Jo wanted to watch the kids open their presents from them. Carter was in heaven over his Raeven Nerf Gun! I don't think he's stopped talking about it yet!
Ave got the coolest Puppet Theatre. It's a wonderful idea because she is very creative. She has entertained us with many good stories so far!
Teague got some really cool Marble Works toys. Nate used to love them when he was little, so he helped Teague set up a cool course. They are a lot of fun!
Teague likes to help with the puppet shows too. He's usually always the dragon.
Avers with the Princess Puppet. We were glad we made it up for a quick trip. It was our year for Christmas in Sunburst this year, but they completely understood me wanting to be with my family. As I always say, I'm a lucky girl to have married into a great family. Thank you all so much again!
Ave drew this on the way home on the IPad. It made me laugh! It's her listening to her favorite song right now, "If I Could Fly" by One Direction.
The next sisters and their kiddos arrived! Yay! I'm so happy we got to spend a bunch of time all together. It was a beautiful snowy day, and we decided to head outside. Hawkins was patiently getting all bundled up.
Carter, Ave, and Lando trying to make snowballs. It was a bit too powdery for that though.
2 buddies laying in the snow.
Teague made himself a little throne with the snow that was swept off the porch. What a good smile!
Link was having a lot of fun loading up the dump truck. He threw snow at Kyle when he arrived too!
There are some giant icicles hanging off the roof this year as you can see!
Hawkins just goes with the flow. He did some exploring in the playhouse.
Carter was happy to be able to go outside. We wrapped a plastic bag around his boot, and he had a blast!
Hawkins reaching for his buddy Kelsie.
Not sure what Ave is doing here, but she loves having everyone visit!
I love this picture. Kels threw snow in the air, and it just looks fun!
Sisters and kids. What a great day!

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