Sunday, December 6, 2015

Christmas Stroll - It's December!

This is a very short post. I didn't take a lot of pictures this week. We did make it up to the Festival of Trees though on Friday night. I took a picture of this tree just for Lincoln. I know how he loves Toy Story! The theme was movies this year. There were a lot of really cute trees; some were Frozen, Elvis, Westerns, Charlie Brown, etc...
Mom's office decorated a Polar Express tree. It was super cute. It has a conductor's hat and gloves on the top that I (being the professional photographer that I am) completely cut off. There were tons of little details on it. People really liked it. The bid was up to $450 when we were there!
There was a light projector outside the building. These guys loved it!
Auntie Terri and I took them for some Hot Cocoa afterwards. Kyle was patrolling at the Stroll, and Mom and Dad were at Butte High for the boys' and girls' basketball scrimmages. This coffee shop is so cute and cozy.
Ave spent Saturday morning dancing with Godzilla. She is weird, but in a good way.
Teague likes someone to help him brush his teeth. He asked Ave on Saturday. They were both laughing so hard! I had to come take a picture.
I told Avery we were going to try to take a picture all together for a Christmas Card. She brought over these "disco pants" to possibly wear. Then she yelled "DJ Hey What's In the House Y'all!" I never really know what's going on in her brain.
We helped Mom and Dad decorate their house this weekend. It was tough. Lots of memories of Kyle, but that's how it should be. It looks very festive though, and the kids loved it. Teague was quite happy to find his T ornament. He also collected all the "Pretties" to hang up. I'm glad he didn't call them "Precious" I guess! I don't want my baby to be like Gollum!
Carter found my second grade bell to hang up. It always has a special place on the tree. That mushroom cut was one of my better looks for sure!

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