Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Party time! Excellent!

Miss Ave had a Minecraft themed birthday party at the Jumparoo this year. We had some fun Minecraft balloons that all the kids played with. The Jumparoo's only downfall is that everyone's hair is insane after one trip down a slide!
Liam and Teague had a blast together as usual. Jamie said this was the best picture I was going to get. Liam and pictures don't mix right now! Teague asked me if I would make sure to get his barbeque chip in the picture...nailed it. You can see Papa in the background visiting with John and Nancy Ries. He is really starting to feel pretty good with the new hip.
Carter isn't supposed to run or jump until his next X-Ray, which is in a week. He was afraid he wouldn't have any fun, but he did. Kyle and I let him walk on the bouncy houses(?) and go down the slides. He and Mason had a good time with these giant foam building blocks too.
No one around here makes a Minecraft cake. I found that surprising. We ordered her a plain green/yellow one from Safeway, and Grandma found some cool decorations on Amazon. It turned out very well! Now she can keep the toys too. The squid is my favorite (middle top.)
Can't believe my girl is 7! It was kind of a quiet party. She only invited two friends! Reese and Jordan were both at dance. Abb, Terri, and Nicole were working. She still had 11 kids there, and they all got along very well. She is a lucky girl!
Teague, Brooklyn, Liam, and Korin singing to her. She was really concentrating on those candles!
Madisyn, Mason, and Carterman
She got them all. No boyfriends yet!
Kiddos enjoying some cake.
The only one I got of her opening presents. She got a lot of cute clothes, some Legos, some movies, Beados, and art stuff. She is a very spoiled child, but she's very loved. I just noticed Mason in the background!
Ave and Korin, best buddies. Korin's two little sisters were there too. They had a blast running and jumping. They are very nice kids. Thanks to everyone who came to the party, and all our family who couldn't make it but spoiled her earlier. You guys are the best!
My friend Dana got us a bunch of sundae fixins as part of our Christmas present. Ave was really enjoying her hot fudge sundae the other night.
Lastly, two kids loving Laney. Lane is in desperate need of a winter haircut. Teague has been very cuddly with her lately. It took him almost five years, but he finally realizes she can be kind of fun!

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