Sunday, December 18, 2016

Snow and Christmas Party Time!

Teague brought this picture home from school after Thanksgiving. I can't stop laughing at it! He drew a pretty good turkey. My favorite part is that he drew himself yelling, "Mom!" It's just so true!
Avers likes to cook with us. She helped Kyle and I make a yummy Stromboli with prosciutto, salami, and lots of Italian cheeses. It was tasty!
We finally got some snow around here! We stopped at C Street Park, and we all ran around. Laney especially loved it!
We marched our names into the snow. It was a fun morning!
Carter and Avery had a fun snowball fight against Kyle at Mom and Dad's. Well, it was fun until he accidentally knocked Avery into the fence with one of these snowballs.
I think they were just happy to have good snowball snow.
Get him Ave!
I like her form here. It amuses me!
She loves to climb all over her Dad. He's basically a jungle gym for her. 
We made some spritz cookies on Saturday. They were delicious, and they always make me think of Grandma Vivian.
Sunday was sugar cookie time. Kyle made some delicious buttercream frosting, and we mixed up some bright colors. I caught Teague taste testing here!
My two big boys working on some cookies.
Mom and Jord with Ave's peace sign crashing the party.
Teague didn't last too long because he just wanted to eat the frosting.
He really liked the piping work though!
Ave was a trooper. She helped roll, cut, frost, and decorate all the cookies.
That's my girl!
Our annual "Ave and the cookies" picture. We love to do this every year!
Teague made some homework for himself. I'm so glad he enjoys school. He's starting to bring home lists of words to read, and he does great!
 We went to the East Side Christmas party today. Our friend Leena is a bartender there, and she invited us. They really go all out for the kids. We had a lot of fun. Kyle even got to be part of the magic show there!
On the next swing, Teague busted this monkey piñata open! They had a Darth Vader piñata also. Needless to say, we came home with a lot of candy!
Santa came to the party! I'm glad they got to see Santa this year since we don't have the daycare Christmas party anymore. I guess technically Santa and Mrs. Claus came to their school on Friday. They brought yellow Emerson shirts and candy canes for every student. That's pretty awesome.
Teague was so excited when they called his name. He jumped up and said, "That's me!" He got a cool car racing toy.
Carter got a couple of light sabers that can connect. He's been doing some sweet moves with them all afternoon!
Avers got a really cute veterinarian kit. I was just happy they all said "thank you!" We've had a pretty fun December. It's hard to believe it's Christmas Day in a week. Hope everyone is staying warm and safe! We were happy to hit 17 degrees today after a high of -2 Friday and a low of -36 Saturday night. Brrrrr!

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