Monday, January 2, 2017

Christmas in Sunburst

The kids had their Christmas program on the 20th. It was super cute! My little Carterman had a great time dancing around. His teacher commented on his "moves" later. He's just a happy kid.
Teagie Pie was so cute! I still can't believe he's in kindergarten. He did a wonderful job singing, especially Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. He worked hard to memorize all the reindeer names.
My Boo Bear did a wonderful job too. "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" has now become one of our favorite Christmas songs. It's fun to sing! She looked lovely in her new dress from Grandma Burgman too. That color looks beautiful on her.
He just looks so grown up. He enjoys a good tie also.
We made it to Sunburst Thursday night after Kyle and I were done with work. Friday morning we went down to the library. Mary Jo was having a Christmas craft day, and the kids had a blast. It was a great way to keep them occupied on the day before Christmas Eve. Here are Carter and Ave decorating.
Time to paint some pinecones with glue. Kaden was with us too. He spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa Barsness so he could hang out with us. He gets along great with all his cousins.
Teague did a very nice job coloring his pot holder.
They made some edible bird treats. They were really cool and turned out perfect! Mary Jo has the best ideas!

Teagie's turn to paint his pinecone. They all picked different colors of glitter to decorate them with. They are very sparkly!

Last craft was decorating some sugar cookies with frosting. Pretty sure this was everyone's favorite part!
4 happy kids! Thanks again Mary Jo!
We went out to the farm to see if we could help in any way. It had just started snowing, and the kids were super happy to play outside in it. Carter loves Lady (and any dog in the whole world. He saw an ASPCA commercial yesterday and begged me to donate. I will, for the record.) He throws snow for her, and she catches it midair. She's such a good dog.
Time for some pets.
Four happy kids in the big snowflakes.
Snow angel time.
Digging over by Nate and Alex's house.
Teague making butt prints in the snow. He's a weird one!
Time to warm up with some hot cocoa.
Ave and her best buddy Callie. She really is the best!
Looking all spiffed up on Christmas Eve. I've got some good looking kids!
Time to calm down before going to sleep on Christmas Eve night. I love that Callie is wearing Teague's tie while they say "Ommm!"
A happy girl on Christmas morning with her puppy dog.
Santa brought all the kids some big Pokémon sets because Mom and Dad aren't huge fans! They are growing on me. It is a good game to get them exploring and walking around. I like that they all enjoy it also.
Everyone is getting excited for present opening!
These two were very ready!
Carterman was too. He's the most gracious guy.
Avers looking so pretty.
It's time! They started out opening some presents for all of them from Phil and Mary Jo. Grandma Bonnie got us a new family IPad. It's been a lifesaver. Now they all have something to play on road trips. Mary Jo and Phil got them some really cool games to go with it. I can hear Teague laughing at the Monster game right now. It's really neat. You draw on a white board with special markers, and the pictures pop onto the screen. Technology blows my mind!
We got very spoiled. I truly can't thank everyone enough for all the wonderful and thoughtful gifts.
Carterman tearing into another one.
Callie got Avery a Elf on the Shelf pet. She really wanted one, because kids can touch these. It's super cute!
Just an excited Teague face. He kept saying, "What the?" really loudly. He makes me laugh!
Oh Callie, you made this Nerf loving boy very happy.
Teague got the Vulcanion stuffed animal he wanted. He took a thousand pictures of it in different poses on my phone that night! I slacked on the picture taking after this. There was just too much stuff to look at!
Daddy and Teague checking out the new IPad.
We managed to get some group pictures after the best Christmas dinner. The prime rib was so delicious! I think these are just nice to have. Here is a group shot with Grandma and Grandpa Barsness. Thank you so much for everything Dick and Diana. We had such a good holiday with you!
Family photo! This makes me laugh!
I love this picture. They always love to see their buddy Callie, as do we all!
Uncle Kevin/Uncle Magic is one of their favorite people. He's hilarious and loves to hang out with these little fools. I'm glad he got to spend a lot of time in Sunburst this year.
With their buddies Nate and Alex. We all had a nice visit at the kids' table!
This picture is so cute. Grandma Bonnie spoiled us as always. The food was delicious, and we had a great time visiting with her.
Phil and Mary Jo are so fun to chat with. They love to listen to a million stories about whatever my kids are into at this moment!
This is a cute picture of Grandma Bonnie with some of her grandkids. All the pictures turned out very nice!
Two buddies waiting for treats in the morning before we had to head back to Butte. They really do get along quite well. Once again, I can't thank everyone enough. We had a great time and wish we could have stayed longer. Thanks for everything Sunburst fam!

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