Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Boo Bear is 8! What? Abbey Jean is 21? What?

We had a fun game night up at Geah's house one night with the other volleyball coaches, spouses, etc... It's a great place to have a game night because the kids just play and play and play while we play games. They had a great time in the hot tub. The lights change colors. It looked like a disco out on the porch!
My girl is 8 years old! That is hard for me to believe. She woke up, saw her One Direction Banner, and was ready to open some presents. She was also dressed like a prisoner from the 50s, but she makes it work.
She really wanted a disco ball! It has really improved upon our dance parties!
We also got her a Beauty and the Beast Lego set. It has all the characters and is super cute.
The year just wouldn't start right without a new One Direction calendar.
I know this is blurry, but I couldn't resist. This is what she changed into to try out the new light show thing we got her and her new disco ball. It's very Jim Morrison I think.
Time to build. She is very good at Lego's. She also looks so cute in her new Hermione nightgown.
Time to open some stuff from Grandma and Papa. She got spoiled as always! Both sets of grandparents, aunties, Great-Grandmas, etc... You guys are the best!
These two are very similar...
Disco party at night! We made a disco playlist filled with classics. No one wanted to go to bed that night!
Another sledding day! It's been absolutely freezing here, so we have kept all our snow. Every once in a while there is a day above 30, and we took advantage of it. Kyle didn't get to go last time, so he was happy to have a sledding day.
Jordan and Terri joined us. They are always up for sledding. These are two very pretty girls.
Teague did a lot more digging than sledding. He found a plastic axe that someone must have left up there. He loved it!
My friend Lori and her dog Bo joined us up there. Bo is a black lab/border collie mix with lots of energy. He loves kids, and they loved him. Carter probably threw the Frisbee for him 25 times.
A family picture (ax included!)
Kyle is getting really good at making strange faces in all my pictures! Ha ha!
Lori and Teague were good buddies too. She helped him "mine" things out of a snow pile.
Carter went down the huge hill a ton!
Jordo and the boys. This is awfully cute.
Laney has become cuddlier in her old age. She really loves these guys.
Party day! We had her party a couple weeks later because it's just easier. We were very glad that our buddy Callie made it over for a visit. Ave jumped in her arms immediately!
Everyone loved her Star Wars cake. It tasted pretty fantastic! Liam was worried she would have a "girly cake" - he was thrilled with the theme!
Teague did not appreciate Carter blocking his way!
Avery only wanted to invite 3 people from her class. She just didn't want a bunch of people there! She, Paige (in pink), and Korin had a great time together. They are good kids. They built a fort for Austin to hide in!
Brooklyn made quite a cool house too. The big girls complemented her on the roof.
Teague just does his own thing. He makes me laugh.
Liam has no fear. He was just launching himself off the slide!
These two are always so cute together.
Almost time to sing! I guess I caught Ave dancing here!
The cake table
She will keep this forever!
She got so many wonderful things. She is a really lucky girl. Thanks everyone!
Abbey Jean celebrated with some chicken curry wraps for dinner and a beautiful cake. I can't believe she's 21! I remember her at my softball games as a toddler!
Happy Birthday Abb!
Carterman got interviewed at school for Martin Luther King Jr. day. He did a great job and talked about how black and white people can go to school together and are friends. He makes me proud!
Just a tired boy. He still looks like a baby when he sleeps.
We took a walk on a rare sunny day. Teague of course had to pack goggles, a slinky, a light saber, binoculars, etc... You know, all the essentials.
Our friend Michele Shea was trying to get rid of some of her youngest son's stuff. He is now 15. I told her I knew a couple kids who would gladly take some giant animal pillows. I thought Teague was going to faint! He was so excited about the huge crocodile!

Croc made lots of new animal friends the first night at our house!
Happy 35th Birthday to my dear friend Callie! She is quite honestly one of the best people in the whole world. We love her!
My Googles stayed home sick today, and she never misses school. We are just passing germs around left and right. I washed all the sheets, blankets, and pillow cases today. Maybe I'll go spray Lysol everywhere now! I hope everyone else is feeling okay and having a good January.

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