Sunday, May 27, 2007

smiles and such...

Do you think he might look a little like his Dad?
This picture is too cute!

His Uncle Kyle finally held him! I think he was a little nervous for awhile. Check out Carter's first chin - he has quite a dimple.

He decided this week he enjoys his vibrating bouncer. It has bubbles and a starfish that spins to amuse him.

He was telling Abbey some stories in this picture. He just kept talking and making funny noises to her.

Here is a nice shorts outfit my Mom got him. It says "Mommy's little stinker" on it. Very true at times!

Here is one of his morning smiles. When he first wakes up, but still has his eyes shut, he has some big grins.

He was smiling at me and Aunt Erica in this picture. They are tough to catch on camera!

Landon's hair naturally sticks straight up, so we tried to get Carter's to match!

We enjoyed the intertwined arms. They did that themselves - apparently, they want to be best buddies.

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