Thursday, May 10, 2007

Family and Toys

He likes to sleep in his carseat. This outfit is really cute too. It says he is a little sweet pea.

Here he is in his tropical swing. He likes the music and the motion. He hasn't really noticed the cute little mobile yet.

I guess I should show him with me. I haven't really bothered brushing my hair in a while - kind of busy with other stuff!

Here he is sleeping on Grandma Patsy. He's a very cuddly little boy!

Here he is with Grandpa Dale at Sunday morning brunch. Grandpa was teaching him how real men eat "manly pepper".

This toy came from Aunt Erica, Aunt Kelsie, and Terri Jo in Alaska. Erica, who has a 6 month old Landon, said this toy is wonderful to have. She was right. He especially enjoys watching it at diaper changing time.

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