Thursday, May 10, 2007

Newest stuff

I think this is my favorite picture so far. They were both pretty much out here. I love his football outfit too. It says "Carter's" on all the buttons!
Here is Carter's first bath. He actually really liked it. He needed one too. As you can tell, he has quite a bit of hair!
This is me shampooing him. I couldn't believe how good he was.
Now it is time for Dad to dry him off. We forgot one of his hooded towels for this first bath. Now he really enjoys those. I think he likes having his hair all covered up.
This is a close up of this cute outfit my Aunt Margaret got him. It has little submarines, squid, and fish on it. I think he looks pretty nice in navy blue.

Here is another one of him sleeping on Dad (with the hand up of course). Laney really likes to try and cuddle with him. She always needs to know right where he is.

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