Sunday, September 9, 2007

Football and more

Carter was hanging out with Dad at our Sunday morning brunch. Since he can't have our food, he decided to eat a nice football. Dad was making him do the Heisman pose too, but we didn't get a good picture of it.
My "work mom" Andrea and her husband Jack invited us to dinner on Sunday night. Carter was a little barfy, but overall very good (and very loud). It was a delicious meal - thanks Andrea and Jack!
Carter went to his first Montana Tech football game this weekend (where they got killed - oh well). Montana Orthopedics was the sponsor so Carter was charming for all the employees; here he is cheering with Grandma.
He had a very good time - it was a beautiful day. Abb and Jord had to show him off to every person that they knew! He got to wear a coat for the first time too.
We went to Perkins to eat later on Saturday, and poor Carter was just tired. All that fresh air I guess. He fell asleep at home while I was changing his diaper. Check out that nice, chubby physique!
He really was out - I did a little close-up on that cute, sleeping baby face! It must be tiring being such a good baby all day.
I just like this little smile. He had a rough couple days at the beginning of the week with some teething symptoms. It was nice to have our happy little man back.
Kyle and I made a trip to Walmart on Friday night. Carter had a nice bath while we were gone; then he decided to sit on the couch next to Aunt Terri. He actually does sit up by himself fairly well. Gotta touch those toes!
The sitting didn't last long! He fell asleep on Terri's lap pretty quickly. He was wearing his cute new pajamas from Grandma Patsy. They say "I love Mommy. I love Daddy. Everybody loves me." How true!
Terri and Jordan made sure he got his lunch at the football game. My little guy loves sweet potatoes. They might be his favorite so far. He's a good eater!
We got an advance copy of the Montana Orthopedics footballs that they threw out at the game. Carter found it to be quite easy to hold and drool all over!
Oops - I didn't realize I put two of these up. That's okay - he's a cutie. That shirt made his eyes look very blue. They are actually starting to look more gray everyday (there's a rhyme for you).
Carter decided he enjoys the ads that are in the paper. They are very bright, make cool crinkly sounds, and are easy to stick in his mouth. Kyle made sure to keep the sports page out of his reach!
Here's one his many "talking to Aunt Terri" pictures. He just loves to tell her stories! He was wearing his cool shorts and monkey shirt from Vegas. Luckily there are still a few nice days left before we retire the summer clothes.

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