Monday, October 15, 2007

Autumn weather

Sorry about not getting these up until Monday. I stayed home with Carter because he has a cold. He's happy all day, but at night he's so stuffed up that it's hard for him to sleep. It's getting better though. Anyway, Enjoy (there's a bunch this time)!
It's been so nice here all of last week - so we actually got to take the stroller out a few more times. He had about three or four nice walks that he seems to really enjoy.
My little man was sixth months on Oct. 11th - can you believe it? He went to the doctor (notice the bandaids)and was 26 inches long and 15 lb 10 oz. He's a skinny man for as much as he eats; he didn't get that metabolism from his Mom!
This is just a cute little profile picture. He was giving me some kisses, and Mom caught this nice, relaxed pose. He gives great kisses; he'll grab your face, pull it close, and slobber on you.
I just think this picture is funny. That fish that plays the music makes him so happy (as you can see from the smile). He took it on all his walks this week too!
He was grinning at Daddy in his "I love Daddy" shirt. How appropriate huh?
This isn't the best picture, but he was being so cute. He just stares at his hands now while he turns them back and forth and brings them together. I think it's so damn cute how fascinating they are!
He's starting to play a lot in the bathtub. He likes when I squirt water on his belly from the fish. He's always really enjoyed the water which is nice.
This was after one of our walks. It was a late one so he had on his pajamas and hat. He was laughing with Grandma; what a huge smile!
Here's crazy Grandpa Dale. He knew I was taking this picture, and he still made this face. So I think eveyone needs to laugh at it!
Here are two sitting up and playing with the fish pictures. I figured Carl and Jenny would like this one since Carter has a cute weiner dog shirt on (hope all is well in Tulsa)!
I put this one up so that the Alaskans could see his hair. It's starting to come in a nice light brown color. It's a very uniform growth however, unlike his cousin Lando (who we miss terribly)!
Jordan and I took Carter on a nice adventure to Clark's Park on Sunday since it was about 65 degrees. He thought this sand was pretty fun; that may have been his favorite part!
We ripped off this picture from Erica! It was so weird though - I asked Carter what his name was, he grabbed that stick, and this is what we got. He's a prodigy.
This picture shows how beautiful the day was. We've got some nice trees in the background, a couple rays of sunshine, and Jordo swinging high in the blue sky. We better enjoy it because Halloween is always miserable.
Carter was swinging next to Jordan in a baby swing. He seemed to think it was pretty fun. He didn't even do the fast blinking thing!
This was in the yard at Mom and Dad's house after our walk home from the park. All that fun wore the little fella out!
I was throwing him up in the air next to the witch's hat. After we buckled him in his stroller, Jordan and I played on the witch's hat while he laughed at us. It was a fun day.
He thought the cowboy swings were really cool. In fact, he sat with me on one side and we went swinging with Jordan. We didn't go very high, and he liked to hold on to the metal bar.
Carter and Jordan went on about four different slides. I think he liked this one the best because it was so bright. He's such a good boy, and Jordan is an excellent cousin.

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