Sunday, October 28, 2007

Busy Week

Here's my goofy little man before bed one night. He decided last week that 10:30 is a better bedtime than 9:30. I did not agree! He seemed to be back to normal by the weekend.
Here's a very sleepy guy passed out on his Daddy. Usually he wakes up a little when we move him, but not that night. He was exhausted.
This picture is too cute. He was just talking and talking one night. He's discovered some cool new sounds this week - sort of a modified clucking of the tongue. Very funny!
More walks! I can hardly believe how nice it's been; global warming will do that I guess. Carter was excited to be in his stroller on Wednesday.
I like his serious tummy time face. I think he knows that it has to be done, but he's not a fan sometimes.
Here's Carter playing with Grandma Patsy. He is just the happiest guy. I think the only time he cries is when we have to use the dreaded blue "nose-sucker".
Grandma Diana and Grandpa Dick were in for the weekend. They got to go to the Tech game (Victory!) and spoil their grandson a lot! Here's a hat that he tried on at Herberger's. I love how the tag says "Carter's Happy Holidays".
We went to Perkins on Sunday, and Carter thought he was pretty cool sitting in the high chair at the table. He kept smiling at his grandparents and our wonderful waitress, Nicole.
He was getting a bit bored and decided to just lay his head down on his arm. He looks so funny! We got him some sweet potatoes and juice which seemed to perk him right up.
Here's our happy baby on Sunday morning. He had his rice cereal, took a little nap, and then was ready to go. He was very charming all weekend long - he got many compliments, but he's still so modest!
On Sunday night, we went out to see our friends' new house (which is beautiful). Madisyn, their little almost ten month old, is so cute and funny. She was going to climb right up and take a look at my camera here.
Carter had a good time out there too. He was a little nervous at first, but once the toys came out everything was fine. He's a silly little guy.
Ritter was holding up a red gorilla to make them smile. It worked well. Madisyn was so funny. She would crawl over and cuddle with the gorilla - or play Patty-cake and laugh at herself. She's hilarious!
This picture is funny. They - of course - both wanted whatever toy the other baby had. They switched many times. I have a feeling they are going to be buddies.

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