Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Big Man

Here's my little "Player". I just thought these big boy jeans were so cute. I think he thought he was pretty cool too. He's a ham.
This picture was a fluke. I accidentally took it while Kyle and Carter where playing. It turned out pretty funny though!
He was in the best mood before bed one night. He just wanted to sit up and talk with everyone. He's a very social little fella.
Grandpa was holding him, and he really wanted to get in his activity saucer thing. You can tell he's still enthralled by it.
Mom and Dad are getting a new vinyl fence. Dad and Kyle have been very busy chipping out old concrete. Laney is quite confused by the no boundary thing!
The Ash Tree in the front yard is so pretty right now - it's got some red, yellow, orange, and green leaves still. I'm not sure how long it will last.
This was a big smile for Grandpa when he walked through the living room. He follows Grandpa with his eyes everywhere - they became good pals this summer!
This picture is too cute. He was very excited for some rice cereal and peaches (his favorite). He looks kind of grown up in his polo!
Carter and Laney were having the best time this weekend. Carter's onesie is hilarious too, the only problem is that Laney is a "She".
Laners kept licking his face, and he was laughing so hard! I love how his little feet are straight up in the air.
Here they are playing tug-of-war. I was a little nervous, but Lane was very gentle with him. She would just walk up and put the glove in his hands.
Carter was absolutely exhausted in this picture. He was just laying on Kyle and staring at his aquarium. He took a nap shortly after!
Carter really likes these apple flavored wagon wheels. He knows what can they are in, and he just goes crazy when I reach for it. Solid foods are a big hit so far!
Terri was babysitting her friend's little girl on Sunday. Cimarron (I probably mispelled that)is a cutie. She was very good to my little man.
This is just another random smile. He's such a good baby. He's a had a stuffed up nose all week, and you would never know it from these pictures!

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