Monday, May 19, 2008

Carter's best friend is back!

Erica and Landon arrived on Wednesday - woo hoo! I had Thursday and Friday off work, and I think we spent about 8 hours a day outside! Those boys love to be outdoors; I'm exhausted!

Carter has discovered the joys of ice cream. These baby cones from Dairy Queen are definitely his new favorite thing.
We went down to C Street Park a bunch these last four days. Carter looks a bit wore out here - he loved the slide though. Jordan just came from a birthday party where they did hair and makeup. She looks lovely.
Abbey seems to really be enjoying the slide! Lando eventually went down by himself, and we caught him at the bottom. They had a good time.
Mom found this basketball hoop (for a pool) in the backyard. It works nicely for the boys - Landon really likes to carry it around. It's so funny to see the boys in shorts. It's been a long time since it's been 80 some degrees!
Carter was running around naked the other day (one of his favorite things to do) and then decided to play the drum. He looked really funny.
Our friend Geah had a little baby girl, Reese, about two weeks ago. She's just a tiny little thing - not quite 7 lbs yet. I can't even remember when Carter was that small. She's a beautiful baby.
The boys have been really good about playing together. They, of course, steal things from eachother every now and then, but that's what babies do. They mostly just stare at eachother a lot.
They are very artsy! They like to color inside with crayons and outside with sidewalk chalk. The sidewalk looks lovely right now.

Lando took about a day to remember all of us, but now everyone is totally comfortable. Here's Carter giving his Aunt Erica a big love!
Carter's been really into hats lately. He especially likes to steal Grandpa's while he's sitting on the deck steps!
Abb and Jordan had their dance recitals on Tuesday and Wednesday. They have one more left. They were fantastic as usual and always so fun to watch. Terri Jo did a nice job on their hair.
My little man is getting some big front teeth. He looks like such a goof in this picture. He's also in dire need of a haircut, but I don't know if I can cut off those curls.
He likes to go all the way around my parents' house and peek at me while I work in the rock garden. I just thought this was a funny picture.
They love to be outside! It looks funny to see them mowing the lawn in their pajamas.
The two of them are enjoying having double the toys and books. Lando really likes the aquarium again, and Carter loves the piggybank.
Grandpa and little Kyle set up Landon's crib on Tuesday - Carter decided he better get in and do a little quality control. He really liked jumping in there!

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