Monday, May 5, 2008

Meeting up with friends

We had a very fun weekend! My friend Dana came in from Kalispell and on Saturday, we went to my friend Ritter's "Tres De Mayo" Party. It was a good time had by all. Then on Sunday - my friends brought their kids over to play. It was so nice to see everyone.

Jada, Dana's little girl, is very good at giving kisses. However, it appears Madisyn was not ready to receive one! She just kept leaning further and further back. Carter looks puzzled.
Ritter had a spot in a picture frame for all three of them together. We finally got one when we went inside and distracted them with toys! Isn't it a nice variety of haircolors?
Grandpa got Carter some lawn toys out at K-Mart. Jada and Carter were pretty nice about sharing the lawn mower. Madisyn was busy playing peek-a-boo.
I like their faces here. Carter looks like he's studying carefully what Jada is doing.
Aren't they such pretty little girls?
Madisyn and Jada were having a good time throwing this little wiffle ball to eachother.
Grandpa got Carter his own lawnmower Sunday morning. He was so excited that he had to go outside in his pajamas. I did manage to throw some shoes on him anyway. They looked cute.
Grandpa was setting up Grandma's sweet pea bed. Carter sat in the dirt and helped a lot with his green shovel. He was so dirty! He also helped Daddy rake. Kyle and I decided his rapper name would be "Mos Hepful". We are huge nerds - I know.
This was out at Ritter and Mike's house. They have a huge yard. Carter found Madisyn's lawn mower and went all over the place!
Dana, who is seven months pregnant, had a giant iced tea. Madisyn decided to share with her. She's too cute. Those are Terri's feet on the left. She and Ritter are 5th floor buddies at the hospital.
Here are my buddies (Dana, Ritter, me) that I've had for over about 14 years! It was so nice to hang out together. On Friday, I took Carter and Laney down to C Street Park again. It's become one of our favorite places. I love this outfit that Lando passed down - plus this pose makes him kind of look like the Hulk or something!
Carter's favorite thing to eat for dinner is a scrambled egg with some toast and fruit. We usually give whatever is left in the pan to Laney - Carter took charge of this task.
Carter thought Grandma was too funny the other night. I can't even remember what he was laughing about, but he sure was laughing hard.
Just another tug-of-war game with Laney. This happens pretty much daily!
Grandpa made some delicious spaghetti on Thursday. Carter was quite good about helping him eat some noodles. Can you tell he had some chocolate on his face?
Little chocolate face had to take a bath after that. Jordan hopped in there with him, which was very nice of her. You can see his big front teeth in this picture.
This was from last Sunday, but it's so cute I decided to put it up. He loves this Elmo book - I taught him to say "Ah Ah Ah" when we get to the page with the Count!
He's such a nice boy, and he gets so excited when Abb, Jord, and Terri come over. He runs in a circle and dances. He also gives some nice loves.
His new thing is to throw his arms behind him when he runs. He looks like he's trying to take off!
We walked down to Dairy Queen the other night. Carter thought he was pretty cool walking with all the grownups! Abbey is not insane either - she was making him laugh.

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