Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Quiet week

Hello everyone. Carter had some weird stuff in his throat (haemophilus) that was causing him to not eat and get fevers all day long. So we spent three long days together last week! Luckily, he's feeling much better today.
Carter loves Landon's stackers. He really loves to knock them down as you can see!
His new favorite word is "bubble". He loves when Grandma is doing the dishes because he can smash them into her hands.
We went to Silver Bow on a rainy day this weekend so the boys could run around for awhile. They seemed to find the carousel quite fascinating.
Aunt Diane and her daughter, Kathi, got Carter and Landon the cutest little Cozy Coupes! Carter's is a police car (which his Dad loved), and Landon's is a fire rescue car. Landon thinks that they should both be able to fit in one together.
They've played in these every single day since they got them. Lando likes to push Carter around in them which is really funny. His daddy was giving him a ride here. He moves his feet along with it - he just too little to really propel himself forward. You can tell he still wasn't his usual goofy little self. They always want to be outside though so what can we do?

This picture covers all their parts nicely. They are not the chubbiest guys around that's for sure! They were hilarious this night - they ran around naked, danced, jumped on pillows, and played legos together.
He really enjoys the tree. He thought he was so cool sitting up there with Abb...
and Jord. I couldn't leave one of them out!

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