Monday, May 12, 2008

Lots of helping

We went and picked up my Grandma for a nice Mother's Day brunch at Mom and Dad's. Lane got to sit in the back with me and hang her head out the window. I just thought it was a funny picture.

This was Carter's car face. He's always in the best mood in the mornings. He's also getting quite the cheesy little smile.
Carter really enjoys whipped cream! I guess it's better than cookies or ice cream. Dad always lets him have the lid.
He's starting to like putting stuff on his head. It's really the challenge of getting it to stay on there just right and have people laugh at you!
He's so funny. I can't even explain how funny this was. He would go up to Kyle and smack his leg. Then he would run away and laugh with his hand over his mouth. He thought it was the best game ever. We probably shouldn't let him hit, but he wasn't being mean - it was just a love tap.
Here he is being helpful again. He loves to vacuum, rake, shovel, help Grandpa with household jobs - we'll take this as long as we can get it! He's helping Dad put a latch on the cleaning supply cupboard.
Carter discovered that he can get this big spoon out of the second drawer in the kitchen. He was using it for a gavel while he sat with Aunt Terri. He's goofy.
He also used it to eat some pasta later. Grandpa gave him the last breadstick and bit of pasta. He would pick up the noodle, put it on the spoon, and chow down. The way he eats, he should weigh a lot more than twenty pounds!
We can't get this little guy to come inside anymore! He just absolutely loves being outside. I kind of like this picture. The tree looks like something out of a Tim Burton movie.
We're getting things all spiffed up for when Lando and Erica arrive. Carter and Grandpa tightened up the bottom stair on the porch. It's going to get a lot of use this summer.
I just like this face. He looks very serious - he was probably trying to open the lotion and eat it.
Here's Carter helping with the garden. He likes dirt a lot. He doesn't touch the tulips (which is good), but he likes to throw the loose dirt in the air.
Carter just might be a drummer. He's always making beautiful (and very loud) music with lids from pots and pans.

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