Monday, June 9, 2008

More fun

While Jordan and I were out gardening, my guys took a nice little snooze. I put the yellow bear on Kyle because I thought he was still awake. He was confused when he woke up!

Jordan was a big help for me this weekend. She planted the marigolds and moss roses for me on Saturday. On Sunday, she helped me put in the vegetables. Our rock garden looks pretty nice right now. The rain has been helpful.
We had to get a picture of the boys in their matching shirts with Erica. They love to read together; they don't want to miss out on anything of course!
They also do a lot of chores together. They are always out on the back porch trying to sweep, mop, or crush pop cans.
Carter was being silly on Saturday. He wanted to lounge on the couch with no pants and eat crackers. He had cool hair that day - two spikes on top and curls in the back.
Carter learned how to climb through the slide tunnel. I know it's not a good picture, but I like how you can see Lando coming right behind him!
Carter is a very good eater. He will try anything. He decided to sit with Grandpa and chow down on some meatballs. He just stole them right off his plate and bit into them!
Landon always gives me the cheesiest smiles. He's so silly. I love the carrot in his teeth!
Carter tackles people when they are hiding under blankets. His dad is very proud of his form. He really wraps up and then takes them down!
I just thought this was a cute picture. His dinosaur pajamas are pretty cute. I have to roll the pants up about three times though!

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