Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lots of Visitors (and pictures)

Our friend Nikki Foley is in for the summer with her little boy, Cutler. He's just a couple days away from six months and so cute. He has her dimples! The Foleys came over for some pastys on Sunday.

Here we are with our boys. Carter was getting pretty tired and wouldn't smile. It's still a really cute picture though. They had fun outside.
Carter is obsessed with running water. He was running around naked the other day, and Grandpa put him in the sink. He had the best time. He knows how to turn it on and off now.
Landon really likes the lawn chairs in the front yard. He likes to lounge on them. He looks like he's just chilling with Grandpa.
The best game the boys play is when they run around and peek at eachother around furniture or their slide. It's so funny, and they just laugh and laugh.
Lando loves this game. He's usually the one who starts it. He really enjoys when Carter chases him. This is such a cute smile!
My cousin Kathi brought her little guy Josh in to see everyone last Thursday. They've been in Oregon for a job, and we haven't seen them in about a year. Josh turned two on the 13th, so it was an early party for him. Austin sat in between us so he could play with the dragon.
Here's the other half of the picture. I don't know what happened with the light on Lando's eyeball. Poor Connor crashed in his stroller and had to wear a sling. He got a cast the next day.
Here's the whole "Cousins with their boys" picture. It's kind of dark and crazy - it's so strange we all have boys! We have (L-R) Erica, Landon, Nicole, Connor, Me, Carter, Austin, Kathi, and Josh.
Here's Carter relaxing in the Dragster. He likes the rides better when they are not in motion!
He and Josh rode the alligator together with some help from Aunt Terri and Aunt Diane. It was really nice to see everyone. Josh is such a cute guy; I'm so glad we got to see him.
Josh liked all of his presents. He especially thought this one from Aunt Patsy was really cool.
Carter (who had some pudding obviously) had a good time on the carousel. Jordan said he was saying "Neigh". He's big into animal sounds right now!
Abb and Lando went on the carousel too. Lando was pretty tired that night. He thought the mirrors on the top of the carousel we're pretty cool though.
Connor and Austin had a good time no matter what they were riding on. They are so cute. Connor wanted me to take a picture everytime they came around!
Carter and Landon both love the Wii. Carter loves to grab the Wii-mote and nunchuk and shake them at the TV. He's just sure he's winning.
Grandpa thought of a great new game for the boys. He puts dirt in the Tonka truck, and they throw it in the air. They were so dirty after this, but they just thought it was hilarious!
Jordan and Terri gave Carter a bath the other day when I was at work. I love the hair and him using my toothbrush. He always points at it and says "teeth".

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