Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer stuff

Carter was a very sleepy little man last night. He actually fell asleep in his outfit while I was holding him. Playing outside just wears him out.
Here's his poor little mosquito bites. They are so bad this year. Both boys get attacked no matter how much repellant we spray on them. He was happy though playing with the "pies" from Trivial Pursuit.
We went down to C Street park on Sunday to let Laners run around. Lando and Abbey went on the swings while Erica and Jordan played volleyball. We switched off - the girls wanted to practice before volleyball camp!
This face just kills me. Both boys like to do everything by themselves on the playground. I guess Carter was concentrating on climbing!
They also love putting dirt on the slide for eachother. We always have to wipe it off before they come down.
Landon looks so silly here. Abb and Jord were trying to get him to smile while I took a picture. He wanted to carry that ball all the way home.
Carter kept climbing all over his Daddy on Sunday. It was really funny. He would pull himself up and then have to rest for a second. Kyle was laughing.
We found one of Laney's tennis balls that she never used to play with. All of sudden (since the boys like it) - she likes it. They have a good time throwing it for her.
I just liked this little over the shoulder look. As usual, he was eating something. The little tiny guy eats all the time!
Grandma shared this strawberry thing from Wendy's with Carter. He thought it was the most delicious thing he's ever had! He had to use the big spoon of course.
He just looked so happy that I had to put two strawberry face pictures up.
Is this the cheesiest grin you've ever seen? He is such a goofball. He was dipping hot dog in sour cream. I can't look at this without laughing.

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Marisa and Kevin said...

Carter is getting so big! What a cutie! I am so anxious to meet him.
Congrats to Kyle too! Kevin and I are so proud of you!