Monday, June 2, 2008

Silly little boys

Landon was really trying to get Carter's attention the other night. However, when there is food around...that's what Carter is looking at.
Landon really likes to feed Carter. He's very thoughtful that way. Don't they look cute in their little shorts pajamas?
This is what happens when you play and play all day long. Carter finally crashed while sitting with Grandma. He has been a beast about going to bed these last couple weeks.
Carter loves Landon's big bag of Lego's. He's getting pretty good at putting them together. Abbey did the tower, and Carter did a couple top stories.
This is a delightful outdoor game. Landon loves to push stuff (Carter and Jordan in the dumptruck in this case). He also pushes the cars, strollers, high chair...etc. He's very strong.
This is the "crabby sandbox" that Kyle and I got them for the summer. We haven't got the sand yet, but the boys like to draw on it with chalk, play with the eyes, climb on it, and sit on his claws. They look a bit out of it here!
This was so funny. Grandma was blow-drying her hair. Carter would come in, and she would point it at him. Then he would run away laughing. I didn't even notice that he stole the toothpaste too!
Erica got the boys a cool slide to play with. It's in the front room right now, but they both love it. This is the wheel on top of it. I like to call them Captain when they are up there. They think they are so cool and big!
Here's another picture of Landon "carting" Carter around. They both think this is so much fun. Carter looks so skinny - I swear all he does is eat!
This is the only time that there is any quiet when the boys are awake...Baby Einstein time. It's twenty five minutes of calm. One per day is the limit though.

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