Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July week

Landon loves to try to put sunglasses on Carter - Erica gave them some help so Carter wouldn't lose an eye. They are funny boys. I'm not sure what crazy little Kyle was doing here.

When Carter puts them on himself they are either on the back of his head or around his neck (in this case). I love this face though - you can't deny that he's cute.
He just loves to help Grandpa vacuum. He gets so excited about it.
We took the boys swimming up at Butte High. They were so good. They also slept very well that night! Here's Jordan and Carter in their new swim wear.
Here's Landon and his Momma in the pool - so cute. Grandma got the boys some very patriotic swim trunks because they both like stars.
I had to take a couple pictures before I got in. Here's a nice group photo.
Landon loves Laney so much. He kept peeking over the coffee table and laughing at her while she laid on the floor. He's a goof.
Carter decided to join in on the fun after that. Can you tell they just had a peppermint patty? That is their big treat if they are good boys.
This was on the way up to the pool. They were holding hands in the backseat of Erica's car and laughing at eachother.
We still use Carter's baby seat in Erica's car. He's not 25 pounds yet! This is why they have such a good time - they are facing eachother.
I guess Jord wasn't really looking at me - oops! This was at the parade; Carter was pointing at some horses. Both boys were so good. They watched the whole parade.
Later that afternoon, we walked to Clark's Park so the boys could play. Carter ran out of steam before we got there. Oh well, next time.
Lando had a fantastic time though. He ran all over the place. Here he is on the swings with his buddy Abbey.
I like this action photo. You can tell that Landon was running just as fast as he could go.
The boys got a cool pool last week. They haven't really sat in it yet, but they think it's pretty fascinating.
It has a basketball hoop, a slide, and a ring toss thing. The boys really like the rings.
One of the valves popped out and water leaked all over the place. Carter and Landon thought this was the best thing that ever happened. Here's Carter stomping around in the water.
Look at these clowns. It was going well until Landon took Carter's shovel and Carter fell over. The water was a bit cold. They were both absolutely soaked and not happy about having to get changed. I have a video of them stomping around in here. I'll have to put that up soon.
We bought them some beach balls at Walmart. They are a big hit so far. They like to kind of lay on them, throw them, kick them...all kinds of fun stuff.
Carter (and his fake Wii remote) was golfing with Uncle Kyle. He loves the Wii - I'll have to get a video of him swinging the remote. It's hilarious.
Last but not least, Congatulations to one of my best friends, Dana! She had her second baby girl on July 3rd at 10:57pm. I didn't get a name yet, but she has red hair like her sister Jada. Congrats again to Dana and Jason. I'm sure she's beautiful!

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