Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sunburst and more

We finally got up to Sunburst this weekend and had a wonderful time. Grandma and Grandpa Barsness had this cool bike for Carter to play with. We had to finally hide it from him because he was obsessed!
He also really liked their fireplace. It was the perfect height for him to pull himself up on. Then he would walk around like he was the coolest kid ever. That thing on his leg is a monkey tattoo. He got it at Evel Knievel Dayz, and I'm starting to suspect that it's permanent.
Great Grandma Bonnie made us a feast out at the farm on Saturday night. Carter didn't eat too much for dinner though because he had already eaten dozens of grapes! It was delicious though.
We got to go see a baby cow "Sparky". She was wary of us - which was too bad because Carter wanted to pet her so so bad. He was just trying to march right up to her. He is such a little boy. He found a mud puddle in the big tractor wheel and splashed and splashed (as you can see by his shirt).
He also "drove" the tractor with his Daddy. He was making the vroom vroom sound and kicking his legs like crazy.
This is the cutest picture. Dick and Diana have a new puppy named "Diva". She's the happiest little dog I've ever seen. Laney was resisting her charms until they got out to the farm and ran like crazy together.
Carter was in heaven with all the puppies. We were actually missing Josie and Fritzi (sp.?) too! He loved how big Fancy is - he kept coming up behind her and giving her hugs. I like Laney's action shot here!
He looks so cute here. He was chilling on the porch with a delicious cookie. What more could you ask for?
I think he figured out he could rock in the chair all by himself. He has a big cheesy smile!
Sometimes there is nothing better than cuddling with Grandpa. He climbed right over and fell asleep in less than a minute last night.
Mmmm...hot dogs. They are so much easier to eat when you can spear them with both forks!
Erica, Abb, Jord, Landon, and Carter all went up to the "Kids Safety" part of Evel Knievel Dayz on Thursday. That is where Carter and Landon got their tattoos...which haven't faded in the slightest.
Jordan got to ride a little motorcycle by herself. This is a cute picture of her. I'm sure the boys thought she was really cool.
The boys had a very funny bath together the other night. Carter kept "shooting" Landon. He holds the gun up to his face and says "Ya Ya Ya". We have no idea where he got this, but it's hilarious (as you can tell from Landon's face)!
There is another picture of Landon laughing. They are the silliest boys sometimes!
I'm not sure what he was doing here, but it's a funny picture. I guess he was showing me that he can palm this basketball. He might have been happy because Baby Einstien was about to begin!
He was being very lovey to Laney the other night. He would go up and talk to her for awhile. Then he would give her a nice slobbery kiss. He loves dogs.

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