Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Videos galore!

This is an old video from May of Carter reading his giant "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" book. It's kind of funny because he dances to it. I guess it does sound like a song.

This video is not that exciting, but it does show our snow we got at the beginning of June. The boys have to be outside though of course. At least you can hear Landon's cool bird noises that he makes sometimes.

This video is also sort of boring, but I had never seen it before. Erica took it with her camera. Landon is trying to put his pacifier in the outlet. The boys just look cute in their long sleeves. It must have been cold that day.

This is the boys stomping around in the pool that day that it leaked all over. They could climb right over the side when it deflated. They think they are pretty cool. It's also not thrilling by any means, but they look so funny in there.

The boys are usually much more animated with the Wii than this. I'll have to try to get another one. It's still cute though. I like how Carter watches Erica and then tries to imitate her.

These last two videos are of Carter going down the huge slide in Anaconda with Abbey and Jordan. I wasn't sure if he would be nervous, but you can tell he loved it. It kind of makes me mad though because I can't get the stupid things to rotate on Youtube, but I could on the Kodak thing. Oh well, they are still funny (one with Abb, one with Jord). The second one, you can hear my buddy Rader cheering for him.

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