Monday, August 4, 2008

Cute Little Guys

Erica got some pictures of the boys playing in their pool last week. I guess they weren't in there for very long, but they look happy in the pictures.
Carter loves these squirt guns. He could play with them every single day.
They are both so cute! I just love when they play together so nice.
Landon is getting good about trying new chocolate chip pancakes. Kyle kept calling him "Sanchez" because of his cool mustache!
The boys got these cool "hard hats" at Evel Knievel Dayz. They were both very interested in trying them on the other night.
We went to the Relay for Life on Friday night until 11. It was very nice - they sold over 2,000 luminaries. Landon was looking super cool in his Hawaiian shirt that Grandpa Dale got for him.
Here's a nice picture of Carter at the Relay. It was getting a little later here. Both boys were very good up there.
This picture just makes me laugh. This is the face Landon made for me when I asked him to "smile". He is a goofball.
Landon was eating a blue sucker (notice his lips) while sitting on Erica - then two seconds later he passed out. I love the sprawl and the tan lines by his feet.
Carter also passed out about ten minutes before Landon on my lap. I guess the Relay wore them out. I changed his diaper while he was asleep, and he just stayed in the nice, comfy frog position!
Whenever Abbey wins a game of Spider Solitaire, Carter has to come over and look at the fireworks that come on the screen. He thinks they are pretty cool.
He's really starting to love the swings. He was having a good time with Jordan down at C Street Park. I think he was pointing at the horses that you can see from the park.
They are very nice horses. If you bring over some tall grass, they will gladly eat it. There are four of them, but I don't know any of their names.
Here's Erica and Lando going down the slide. We were there pretty late that night because both boys just needed to go do something.
Here's a nice action photo of Carter. He loves slides. I'm also pleased to report that the monkey tattoo did finally come off his leg a couple days ago!
Erica got the boys a really cool "Cars" table. They had been making a big mess on the coffee table every time they ate. They both really like the chairs.
I don't know what this face was, but it makes me laugh. Carter and Landon were really enjoying their dinner of tuna fish, cheese, and crackers. Yum! Yum!
Bubbles! If Carter sees someone doing the dishes at Grandma and Grandpa's house, he just has to get up there and "help" playing with bubbles.
He is fascinated by flipflops. He just doesn't understand how they stay on people's feet. He had one of Abbey's on the right way for a little while!
Landon woke up from his nap with some of the coolest hair I've ever seen. I just had to get a picture!
He's a monkey! Landon is determined to scale the fence and go over into the neighbors' yard to see their kitty.
Just one last cool guy picture. He loves sunglasses - especially around his neck or on the very top of his head. He's a cutie man.

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