Monday, August 11, 2008

More summer fun

I have been wanting to put Carter in this outfit since he got it from Nate on his birthday, but it was always too big. I think those shorts are the cutest things I've ever seen. We had to roll the shorts, but he wore them. He got many compliments too. As you can see, he's trying to wear my flip-flops.
This is what happened when they came unrolled. I had to take this funny picture before they came all the way down around his ankles!
We had breakfast at Great Harvest Saturday morning. Carter ate most of his pancake and then told us "Da Done".
Erica thinks Landon looks like he was in trouble here. It does - but he was actually just coloring while sitting on a nice rocking chair at breakfast.
Mom got the boys some nice Tech hats for the winter. Landon found his a little early. He looks so cute.
Jordan's bike is a big source of fun for the boys. We made her hide it the other day so they wouldn't want to sit on it every two seconds. This is such a cute picture of Lando.
We were at the playground at Emerson, and Laney was in a crazy mood. It must have been her new haircut. She was giving everyone kisses (which Carter loves).
Landon is a maniac. We had to keep him from trying to go down the plastic rock wall a couple times.
Carter loves this tunnel slide. He always peeks at me before he comes down. He must have went down about six or seven times that night.
This is the jungle picture. The boys were picking some long grass at C Street Park to feed to the horses down the street. They look so silly.
Here's a nice picture of me and Carterman swinging. It was very sunny that day. He loves to swing though. He always points to them as soon as we get there.
Carter and Landon have realized that you can walk behind the tree at my parents' house. They always look a little surprised everytime they come out on the other side.
Jordan decided to do a puzzle the other day. Carter was absolutely fascinated by how many pieces there were. He was making the funniest faces at her.
Carter is obsessed with shoes. Callie thinks this may be due to her (it's quite possible)! He is a very goofy little boy.
We went to the circus last week. It was hot and there were many scary people there. The boys loved the elephants, horses, llamas, and zebra though. Carter (don't look at me please) had a fun time on the ponies - he was neighing at them.
I let Carter have some of my iced tea the other night. He was so happy he danced around with it.
He also played peek-a-boo upstairs with Grandma. So did Landon - they were laughing so hard.

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