Monday, August 25, 2008

Super Long

Sorry it took so long for me to post anything. Last week was crazy. We came back from Kalispell on Sunday, and Monday was volleyball tryouts and Carter's first day at his new daycare (with Landon, so that's nice). I also saw my buddies Michelle, Ritter, and Madisyn Sunday night. Lots of fun but very hectic!
We went to Father Sheehan park on Saturday (Erica was working, so it was me, Grandma, and the boys). It was really hot and quite fun. Here's Blue Guy chilling on the rock wall while the boys were sliding.
There was a nice cool pile of gravel under the rock wall. Landon decided to lay down in it a couple times. He is a very silly boy.
Carter loves swings. I think he was in this one for probably forty-five minutes all together. Everytime I tried to get him out he would shake his head no.
Landon was obsessed with this dinosaur that he thought was a "Croc-a-Dale". Guess who taught him that word while they were reading books?
This park was probably the best one we've ever been to. It had four steering wheels! That is usually what the boys fight over.
Landon did some awesome chin-ups here. Carter just liked to put rocks on the circles. I'm not sure what this is really there for.
It was kind of chilly on Wednesday night so we took the boys to the mall. Carter says "mall" now whenever he sees a building. They were maniacs. I have a hilarious video to put up of them.
He kind of falls over when he comes down off the slide. He does it on purpose, and it's quite amusing.
Landon also enjoyed the slide a lot. He ran around the mall a bit as you can tell by his dirty socks!
See if you can guess which one is Carter's Daddy's shoe. There is a very slight difference.
Thank you to Auntie Kelsie and Terri up in Alaska! They sent Landon and Carter some cool conductor gear and glow-in-the-dark pajamas. They also sent really cute baby girl clothes for my little one that's coming Jan. 1st. You guys are awesome!
We went to Kalispell a couple weekends ago to visit my Aunt Diane and Uncle Art. It was lots of fun; we haven't been up just to visit in a long time. This is on the way home. Both boys crashed pretty much right away.
We stoppped in Missoula to let the boys run around and get a little break from the car. We found a really cute Head Start Park. The boys had a ton of fun running up and down this hill. I have a video to put up.
I just thought this face was cute. They worked so hard on those hills. They looked like little mountain climbers.
Landon had a good time going through this tunnel. We kept telling him he could crawl, but he liked to scoot on his butt instead!
This was at Woodland Park in Kalispell. Carter thought the merry-go-round was lots of fun. We had to make him hold on becuase he just wanted to walk around while it was moving.
Here's a big group photo of the fam feeding the ducks. That park is so pretty, and some of the ducks are not shy! You can't be mad either Terri - you're face is not in the picture!
Here's Carter's awesome throwing form. One time he threw a piece of bread straight up in the air onto Jordan's head.
Here's the boys swinging. I just think they look so cute. They were very good in Kalispell, and really enjoyed all of Diane's toys and cooking! She's an excellent hostess.
Landon takes good care of Carter. Here he is giving him a little push.
We all were laughing at Carter and the motorbikes. There was this one and a really tiny one, and he would drive them both around by holding onto their handlebars.
Diane has a beautiful back yard. We ate out there a couple times, and the boys ran wild. Abbey and Jordan had a good time in the pool and on the trampoline.
We went to the Woodland Park Swimming Pool on Saturday. It is an awesome place. Erica has all the pictures from there. My only one is Carter's sunscreen hair on the way! We had a great time - thanks again Diane and Art.
Here's a random bath picture. They love the bath until it's time to wash their hair - then it's torture. I think Carter is trying to splash and Lando's got the flower pot.
Landon is a crazy splasher. He absolutely soaks everyone around him. He looks so happy here - that face kills me.
Carter is not a big fan of Landon's splashing. He tries to climb out if it gets him in the face. Landon looks so pleased with himself!
Grandma taught Carter and Landon how to cheer for the Olympics, which I'm very sad are now over. Carter puts up his fists and yells "Go Go Go".
Grandma got the boys some new books from Amazon. They had a good time checking them out when they came. I love Carter's shirt that Terri, Abb, and Jord got him.
This picture is funny. Carter was pushing Landon's stroller around the yard and didn't realize he was heading for the sprinkler. As you can see, he ran right out!
This is just a giant cheesy grin. That's a nice way to end this post I think!

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