Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some videos

This is an older video from July. It's Carter doing his "Yi Yi" shooting. He's stopped doing this (which is probably good), but it was pretty funny while it lasted!

Carter was being goofy one night with a straw and lid from Wendy's. He'd go to the very corner of little Kyle's room and play this silly game. He did this for about 15 minutes!

This is the video of them playing on the hills in Missoula. It's a little like the Blair Witch Project in the beginning (Erica's camera work is a bit shaky). I didn't know she was taking a video either, or I wouldn't have talked so much. Anyway, it's pretty cute, but they were getting a bit tired.

This last one is of the boys playing at the mall. It's quite funny. Jordan and I could not stop laughing. You can see how Carter tries so hard to keep up with Landon!

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