Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bad week

Hi everyone. We've had a rough couple weeks. Carter and I had sinus infections last week. Then on Sunday night, Carter got the stomach flu, which he thoughtfully passed on to me! Poor Lando went to the Doctor yesterday and has a double ear infection and pink eye. The nurse said this stuff is going around like crazy! Hopefully we're all better soon. I still managed to get some cute pictures from last week. Enjoy.

Here's the crazy boys sliding down the stairs at my house. They thought this was quite a fun game.
Our buddy Callie came over on a nice lazy Sunday to hang out for the day. The boys were showing off for her. It was very nice to see her - it's been a while. We'll get over to Missoula one of these days.
Carter shared a big bowl of pasta with Grandpa earlier that day. Everything always tastes better if it comes off someone else's plate!
Landon decided to have a peanut butter and jelly followed by some tuna fish. I find this to be a gross combination. He liked it just fine.
I threw every pillow in the middle of the floor for my little monkey last Thursday. He was having the best time crawling and jumping all over. Plus, he was naked - which is probably his favorite thing ever.
Just another silly little face from my guy. He played on these for about forty-five minutes.
Landon and Carter really enjoy Erica's Lifesavers sherbert. They pretty much ate all of it. Landon doesn't usually like cold stuff, so this was impressive.
Carter likes pretty much anything - including sherbert. He runs up to people and says "Bite" "Bite" - "Peas". He's very polite!
After sherbert, it was time to jump off the couch. There were a couple of pretty crazy falls but no crying. They have no fear. Carter wasn't really pushing him - it just looks like that. I like Landon's form.
Sliding off the couch into a somersault is also lots of fun. Sometimes all you can do is sit there and laugh.
This is such a cute face. I can't remember what Erica was saying to him, but he was just grinning. I got a couple of good pictures of this big smile!
Grandma and Grandpa bought these cool toys at Old Navy when they were in Billings. They are supposed to be for trick-or-treating. They light up and spin. The boys were pretty amazed by them.
Grandpa has a flat volleyball that he said he was going to turn into a bike helmet. I hope he's kidding. Carter had a very good time putting it on his head and jumping on little Kyle's bed. I wonder what he's thinking sometimes!
It was not always easy to get on his head! His little smashed nose makes me laugh.

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