Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Getting better all the time

We had to go to our wonderful downtown Dairy Queen one more time before it closed for the winter (luckily, the uptown one is open all year). The boys discovered a love of dilly bars. Carter really did like it a lot - I'm not sure what this face is all about!
More horsey rides! Carter is wearing his glow-in-the-dark bones shirt that we got him at Target. You will see Landon wearing his further down in the blog. They're pretty cute.
I'm not sure what was going on here. I don't think Kyle could get up with Carter sitting that far down! Landon's definitely ready though.
They have decided they really like the Old MacDonald song all of a sudden. They love to sing some form of "E-I-E-I-O" and look at this book Aunt Terri got them.
Landon is a big fan of hats. He's worn about four different winter hats so far - my blue one, Dad's blue animal one, his new gray one, and this Mount Rushmore one. He wouldn't smile for me, but it does show you his poor little face. He got quite the cut last week at daycare; he's very tough though.
This picture is for Kelsie. This is what the outside of Mom and Dad's house looks like now. It takes some getting used to, but it does look good. It was kind of a last minute, end of summer project.
We had our first pretty cold days of the year last week. It snowed Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Not the fun snow either - just cold and windy. Here's Carter walking through a little of the snow with his juice.
I think we've got it through to Carter that he doesn't go outside without a hat now. He was none to pleased about it the first couple times. I think he knows how cute he looks now - he's a ham.
This is a tired boy face. He fell asleep on the way over to Grandma and Grandpa's after we watched the Redskins (horrible) game at our house.
Landon had a really good time riding the horse and having a sucker. This is our routine every Sunday now: Eat breakfast with Grandma Vivian, go watch the Redskins at our house, and then go back to Mom and Dad's for a nice nap!
Doesn't he just look a little bit crazy here? He was having a really good time!
I think we were getting them to say "Cheese". That would explain the silly faces here!
Here's Landon flying the airplane around. He flies that thing all over the place - it's quite amusing.
We were all laughing at Lando flying the plane, so Carter decided to make the firetruck fly. They are very silly little boys. We laugh at them quite a bit - we're either laughing or telling them "No".Carter got a really cool John Deere toolbelt and hat from his Aunt Alyson and Uncle Chris. He wore it around a lot that day. He really liked to hammer the audio box and kitchen chairs. Thanks to Chris, Aly, Colten, and Bre for the nice package of gifts!
I figured we'd (almost) end this post with two sleepy guy pictures. I stayed kind of late at Mom and Dad's last week to watch our recorded episode of Heroes. Carter fell asleep on my lap with the blue guy. So cute.
Then I watched Project Runway the next night. Carter laid on my old volleyball pillow and passed out. He's not a fan of designing clothes apparently! I love the legs crossed.
Here's Landon is his bones shirt. He was looking good. I've got him doing the "Fonz" when he wears these glasses now. He thinks he's a pretty funny little man!

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