Monday, October 27, 2008

Kinda boring stuff

Carter and Landon have really started to like pumpkins, scarecrows, witches, and ghosts. Carter likes to put blue guy in his pumpkin and carry him around. It's pretty funny. He wore a shirt with a ghost last week, and he kept going up to Laney and saying "". He loves to show Laney what he's wearing!
Landon took a nice long nap yesterday. Erica had some trouble getting him to wake up! Mom took a picture of him all cuddled up with his "Cody Bear".
Grandpa or "Poppa" gave Carter some fun spins in little Kyle's chair. He kept sliding further and further down, but he loved it.
I can't even remember what he was doing here. He was being so silly and bouncing and smiling though. I had to zoom in on this crazy face.
Landon tried to wipe something sticky off his face - it could have been anything: syrup, fruit snacks, popsicles, jelly. Unfortunately, he used a Kleenex instead of a wipe!
Carter has really been loving his puppy lately. He just walks around all the time going "Puppy, Puppy, Puppy" or "Aney!".
The boys had some fun spinning around with big Kyle. I didn't get a picture of Landon, but he really liked it. So did my little Carterman.
We played outside for a long time one freezing cold day last week. It's actually been pretty nice since then. Erica and I put the boys on our backs and kept running by eachother like we were going to crash. They were laughing so hard, as you can tell!
Landon got to sit up in the tree for awhile. I'm surprised he hasn't tried to climb it himself yet. He's quite the little monkey.
They explored the back "yard" a bit too. Carter was driving with this wheel like it was on a racecar.
They had a really good time blowing bubbles with Erica. Their hands were absolutely freezing, but of course, they didn't care. We've got to get them some gloves.
Carter actually did blow a couple of good bubbles. Sometimes he just gives himself a little bubble mustache - he holds the wand a little high!
I love this picture of Landon. He just looks so cool in his hat - he sucks in air before he blows bubbles. It's very funny to watch!
Here's Carter heading down the stairs with Poppa in one of Grandma's shoes. He just loves wearing other people's shoes.
He must have lost a shoe somewhere because he's got them both on here. He looks so innocent here...looks can be deceiving though.

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