Monday, October 20, 2008

A nice, normal week

Landon decided to wear his cool new hat that Erica got him at Herbergers. It's very cute. He was getting ready to go for a walk here.
Here are the boys "helping" Grandma with the dishes. Sometimes we block off the kitchen so Mom can get them done in peace (which really makes them sad). They are a bit messy - that's why the clothes are off.
Jordan was tickling Carter last night on Erica's bed. He was giggling so hard - it was really funny. You can see some of his lovely new teeth. He got his two top molars, two bottom molars, and two more bottom teeth. They are finally coming in!
Landon had two marker caps on his fingers last night and was pointing at everyone. Carter wanted to have stuff on his fingers too, so he dipped them in some mashed potatoes (and kept eating them off!). I can't really explain how funny it was. He's a goofball.
Erica and I took the boys to Emerson on Sunday morning. It was a very nice fall day. They played and played for over an hour. Landon is quite good at climbing this rope ladder thing. His shirt was really cool too. It lit up.
Just a nice action photo of Carter going down the tunnel slide. I had just taken his hat off so he had some crazy, fly-away hair!
Here's Lando driving. That's usually the first thing they fight over/play with when we go there. I like the face he's making - it was probably car noises.
Landon showed Carter that they could crawl under the two really big tires. Erica got this cute picture of Carter. We tried to get one of Landon, but he wouldn't look at us.
Breakfast is so fun on the weekends. Carter is always in such a good mood in the mornings. Here he is with two of his favorite things - key lime yogurt and a chocolate sprinkle donut. Plus he was wearing his cool new football pajamas. What more could you ask for?
He was rolling the giant exercise ball back and forth with Erica. He really gets into it. We had to get a picture of the crazy face he would make when he'd roll it back. Don't mind the popsicle stains on his belly!
Lando has been getting pretty beat up lately. Luckily he's a tough kid - you can see two of the scratches on his face. He was just hanging out with Cody Bear on the couch.
The boys have decided they absolutely love anything with syrup. They both try to steal it out of the cupboard and drink it. They were hanging out in their cool new pajamas having a waffle.
Last weekend Landon decided to try on Jordan's (I think they were her's?) hat, gloves, and scarf. Doesn't he look lovely?
Carter also tried them on after Lando. He did not like the scarf though. I'm not sure what he was doing here!
Here's Dr. Landon dispensing medicine (not really, it was all gone). It was very funny to watch him pretend to fill it up. Carter looks like a little druggie here!
Here our little tool man. He's got his belt on and a chainsaw. He seems to be missing all the tools from his belt - at least it's covering everything nicely.

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