Monday, January 5, 2009

Avery is here!

Here's Carterman having a good time outside with Uncle Kyle. He loves to go outside and "shobel". He also loves to see his bootprints all over the snow.

Erica bought the boys these cool gloves. They were not big fans of mittens. These didn't last that long either, but they were awfully cute.
Carter liked them a lot more because he could hold his shovel better. He looked pretty awesome anyway!
Here's the big brother meeting his little sister for the first time! Avery Vivian Barsness arrived on Jan. 1st at 11:38pm. She was 20 inches long and weighed 7 lb 8 oz. Carter has been very nice to her so far. He pets her hair while she eats and kisses her toes. He's checking out her knees here.
Here's her cute little face while she was getting burped. She has chubby cheeks, two chins, and is very cute. We're not sure if she looks like Carter yet. She doesn't have her Daddy's cleft in his chin though. She does have a bit of jaundice so she has the billiblanket right now. That's the glow in the picture.
Here's her going home outfit. She looked lovely in her little turtle pajamas. We brought socks so she wouldn't scratch her face. They don't match but they work well.
Here's some of our visitors at the hospital. Aunt Kelsie, Aunt Erica, Landon, Jordan, and Abbey were quite attentive to her.
Auntie Kelsie surprised all of us. We thought she was coming in the 4th, and she came in the 2nd. She and Erica had a little plan worked out. It's so nice to have her here. We haven't seen her since last Christmas!
Jordan and Abbey were so happy that RSV wasn't going around. There were no hospital restrictions so they could be up there the night she was born. They weren't allowed to come visit when Carter was born. It killed them. Jordan has some red in her hair right now. It's slowly washing out.
Here's Abbey holding her. Mom, Erica, Terri, Abb, and Jord all waited patiently in the waiting room to meet Avery. I went to the hospital about 7:15, so we didn't have to wait too long.
She likes to have her hands up by her face just like Carter did. He still sleeps with his arms straight up!
Grandma Burgman had her making funny faces! I guess she was hungry right away.
There's a lovely shot of me and my little girl. I was glad to finally meet her. She seems pretty good natured so far!
Here's Daddy and his girl. He can't believe she's here already. Apparently it went a lot faster for Kyle then it did for me!
Abb and Jord brought over the Wii again. It has been a nice distraction for Carterman. He ended up at the emergency room at 4am the night I had Avery. He has the croup. The Prednisone made him a bit crazy too. Luckily, he's feeling much better now.
He's getting some crazy hair. It's almost time for a haircut. He's talking to Buzz Lightyear on the phone and drinking out of Jordan's water bottle. He calls it "Jocko's Juice".
Here's Landon's tree that he made at daycare. I meant to put these up a long time ago. They are so cute.
Here's Carter's tree. Daycare does lots of fun little art projects. Now, it's time to go feed my little one!

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