Sunday, January 25, 2009

A fun week

This is a nice shot of Avery's blue eyes. They are very dark and big. I may be biased, but I think she's beautiful!
Callie and Paul came in on Saturday to visit. Carter and Avery got some very cute stuff, so thanks again Callie!
I actually let Jordan take a picture of me and my kids. Carter's little naked, folded up form makes me laugh.
Carter and Landon both really like Avery's new bouncer. Carter unfortunately rocks her not-so-gently in there! He looks a bit delivish here.
Avery's had her first bath this week. She was quite content in there. She didn't like the lotion so much after however!
It's so much easier to hide private parts on a girl!
This picture makes me laugh. I think she's looking at me like "Not another picture".
This picture kills me. Erica said she was trying to look like him. She's was a little bit off with her smile!
Dad was pretending to be asleep. Is there anything better to wake you up than two cute little guys?
They would not smile for me. They were enjoying some delicious popcorn together though. I love when they are getting along.
Carter wanted to take the camera from me. He has learned to turn on my camera and take pictures, much to my displeasure. I deleted about 50 of them this week.
This is such a peaceful face. She was really out here! She enjoys sleeping on her side.
Carter insisted on taking the racquetball racket in the bathtub one night. He's a wacko. He's so damn cute though.
She loves when her legs are free. She actually likes to spread out like a starfish most of the time. She not a swaddle kind of baby.
Here's Carter enjoying a delicious bag of chips. Such a healthy snack for our growing boy!
Carter had a nice little blood blister the other day, so he got his first band-aid. He liked it actually. He kept showing everyone Scooby-Doo.

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