Sunday, February 15, 2009

6 weeks!

This is so cute. Carter and Landon were enjoying a nice nap together. They are so good, especially when they are sleeping!
Grandma Burgman got Avery this cute sweater the minute we found out she was a girl. She looked beautiful. She had her 6 week appointment on Thursday - she weighs 9lb 8oz and is 21 and 1/2 inches tall.
I have almost this same picture on last week's blog. He really loves his police car though. I'm glad it's been decent enough to go outside a little bit.

This is such a cute little smile from Lando. His hat is on backwards too. It's just a funny little picture.
I love this picture. She's looking quite content after her bath. Her little tiny round head is just precious.
Avery got to meet her Aunt Diane this weekend. She and Carter were quite charming for her visit. Diane brought some cute stuff from both her and Kathi. Thanks again - my kids are just a bit spoiled!
I just liked that the boys were sitting right next to eachother while watching the Incredibles (or as Carter says "MedicineTable=Mr. Incredible").
This is a nice little good morning smile from my girl. What a nice way to wake up!
This was her little Valentine's outfit. It's also a nice shot of her double chin!
Landon and Carter decided to sit on the SmartCycle from Grandma Bonnie. They were hilarious that night. They played with every toy Carter has!
Carter and Daddy were having a good time playing the Wii and eating sugar cookies. What more could a boy want?
I love when Carter entertains himself. He's just chilling in his innertube, reading his Finding Nemo book.
Carter was a little tired the other night! He passed out at about 8 and of course woke up the minute we got home.
Avery looks lovely in green. She was hanging out with Grandma but turned to find my voice. She's a very aware little baby. Brilliant of course!
Carter has decided that bubble baths are a lot of fun. Poppa was blowing bubbles at him, and he thought that was hilarious! It makes me laugh everytime I see it.

Carter loves to say "Poppa chase me" and "C'mon"! It's even more fun if he's naked.
We had to show this funny shirt from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness. It's so true!

Jordan and Avery are good buddies. I love these socks that Avery is wearing. They didn't really match, but she pulled it off!
It was Erica's 25th birthday on the 7th. We had dinner and cake for her on Sunday. Carter kept telling her "Happy Day Auntie"!

This is a cute picture of Jordan and the boys. They love their Abbey Jean and Jocko. I don't know what we would do without all their help!

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