Monday, February 23, 2009

Trip to Sunburst and more

We went up to Sunburst this weekend to let Avery meet everyone. It was a nice little four day trip before I had to go back to work (not real excited). Carter and Landon were quite happy to see eachother when we got back Sunday night. Kyle gave them some shampoo mohawks while Erica, Mom, and I watched the Oscars!
Lando's was kind of sideways. Very cool.
Dick and Diana's house looks so good; they're still working on some stuff though. Carter helped Grandpa sweep up some carpet fibers. He loves to help clean!
Daddy gave Carter a nice ride around the house. He looks like he is winking at me. Auntie Kelsie - we wanted you to know he's obsessed with this Wall-E shirt you gave him. It's the only one he actually asks to wear!
Carter was having a cranky day on Saturday. We made him lay down and watch Nemo with his cousins (he fell asleep almost immediately). He had a really good time with Bre and Colten - they ran around the gym in Sunburst like maniacs.
It was really nice to see Callie and Nate this weekend too. Callie got to hold Avery a lot on Saturday when Carter was being a beast. He doesn't have many bad days so I should be nicer.
Diana found Carter some Macaroni and Cheese crackers. He thought they were delicious. He had some on the trip home in his carseat. He kept saying "Grandma get crackers for Carterman".
Carter told us he wanted to hold Avery. He's very sweet to her. He kept touching her face and saying "Hi Avery" over and over again.
He was very gentle with her. He's a good big brother. She looks a bit frightened however!
We went out to the farm for the afternoon on Friday. Great Grandma Bonnie held Avery for us while we took Carter out to look at cows, the horse, tractors, and big trucks. Carter had so much fun - plus Bonnie made him potato soup (one of his favorite things)!
She looks so cute in this picture. She was sprawled out on the bed after I fed her. She loves to spread out like a starfish - she's not a swaddling baby!
Carter was so excited about this big truck. He kept calling it "Mack" from the Cars movie. We also saw a blade for a combine which he called "Frank". He really pays attention to movies!
This cow really wanted to be our friend. She kept getting really close to the fence - then Josie would scare her away! Carter loved mooing back at all the cows.
This was quite fun. Carter wanted to play with the dogs on the bed, so it was a little crowded. He loves when "Yaney and Diba" play together.
This exercise ball might be Carter's favorite toy ever. He just loves to bounce it and roll it around. He looks insane!
I like when Avery does this. It's not really a smile, but sometimes she spots you and just opens her mouth into a big "O". She's so cute.
Mom made an absolutely delicious turkey pot pie last week. Carter ate three helpings of it. It had peas which he loves. That's funny because peas were the only flavor baby food that he wouldn't eat.
We had dinner at Erica's house last Sunday. Abb and Jord came with us. These cat pajamas from Kelsie and Terri Jo are so cute on my little Avery!
This is Avery's favorite way to be held. She passed out on Grandma last week. It always seems to calm her down.
This picture is just kind of funny. This hood on her little sweatshirt was so cute. I believe that was also Kels and Terri. You guys have excellent taste!
Landon was making the funniest faces for me last week. He made about three different model poses for me - very Zoolander. This one was my favorite.

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