Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sick babies

Here's a little video of Carter talking about himself. He really likes that his middle name is Robert. It's pretty cute.

I had some little sickos this week. Carter had a sinus infection, which turned into RSV for poor little Avery. She was in the hospital for a couple nights, but she's doing well now. What can you do?

Dad found our old dollhouse upstairs - he thought Carter and Landon would have a good time with it. Carter likes to move the Mommy's legs into sitting position.
Just a rare picture of Avery sleeping without someone holding her! She still has the little stickies on her cheeks because she's using oxygen at night as a precaution.
Uncle Kyle helped Carter put Dad's neck massager on his head. He thinks it's funny that it vibrates!

Carter was very helpful to Poppa this weekend. He handed him the tape measure to set up the spare bed in my old room.
Landon helped Poppa make some delicious pancakes for Sunday morning breakfast. Yummy!
I love when Landon puts his hands in his pockets. He looks so funny.
Avery looks beautiful in purple. She's gaining some weight and getting taller. I don't think she'll be in newborn clothes much longer.

Carter really loves "tatos and graby". He ate a whole container of mashed potatoes from KFC after daycare on Friday. You would never know it by looking at him!

This outfit from Callie is so cute. Underneath the frog it says "little princess". So true!
She's got some big blue eyes right now and of course, a beautiful face.
Carter is very helpful about turning on the waterfall to entertain his sister. He's been a good big brother so far. Knock on wood!
My little sleeping kids - so rare that they are sleeping at the same time!
I love this sweater from Aunt Terri. She looked gorgeous in it!

This is such a cute picture. Jordan doesn't normally wear this much eye makeup - she just got done with a dress rehearsal for dance. She looks so grown up!
Avery met Aunt Helen this week. Helen brought her some very cute stuff. Avery is a very spoiled girl so far!

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