Sunday, February 8, 2009

good week

Avery got nice and warm with Jordan after her bath. She's very good at holding her head up! She's getting some nice arm rolls too!
Carter was so helpful with Avery's bath...ha ha. You can see his devilish grin and the water drops flying!
She really likes her bath so far. She gets very calm as soon as she feels that nice warm water.

Carter was excited to help. He pulled up his sleeves and got to work.
It's been sort of decent out lately. Carter even busted out his police car from the back porch. Can you tell he's saying "Cheese"?
Carter had such a fun night with Jordan, Abbey, and Chelbie. They rolled the big exercise ball back and forth and laughed and laughed!

Carter was chasing me around with his Daddy's badge. He apparently thought I was a "bad guy"!
Avery looks gorgeous in her onesie. It really shows off her thighs!
She tried her first bottle the other night. She was not too thrilled about it. I think she's looking at me like "What the hell is this?".

Erica got a picture of Landon trying to sit on the picnic table from our old dollhouse. He is such a goof!
I just like this big eyed look. She's very aware of all her surroundings. She's brilliant, of course.
I love this picture. She's starting to smile...I think it's almost on purpose. Some of it is gas I'm sure!
This is one of Carter's more fashionable outfits...a Nemo Little Swimmer on his head, a nice Nike shirt, his diaper, and his boots. He's a handsome fella.

Abbey is very good at getting Avery to sleep. She bounces her on the big exercise ball - it always worked with Landon.

Do you think this boy likes Spaghetti-O's? He loves them!
Carter found his sister's belly button. He was quite happy when her umbilical cord fell off - he wasn't sure what that was.

We took a fun little trip to Silver Bow the other night. I'm not sure how, but Landon and Carter ended up with two balloons each for the ride home.
Avery looks thrilled too! She slept in her carseat until it was time to go home. She really likes noisy places.
Jordan helped Erica and I out by following the boys all over the game room. She's their buddy for sure.

This is a cute picture of Carter and his Dad all snuggled up on the floor. Sometimes it bothers me how nice their eyelashes are - I get jealous.

Two pictures of Kyle in a row! Avery loves to sleep on her Daddy's lap.
Carter and Uncle Kyle were having a lot of fun with this pink innertube. He's a fun uncle! Carter obviously just had a gumball.
Carter wanted to run around in his diaper and shoes. Who am I to deny him such fun? I know Aunt Diane loves these physique pictures!

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