Monday, April 6, 2009

3 months old!

My little girl is 3 months old! That seems crazy to me. She wore her first dress on Sunday - complete with rufflybutt tights. Quite beautiful! She gave me one of her wrinkly nose smiles while Grandma was burping her; her hands are so cute in this too!

Mom and Dad took Avery to Kmart on Sunday while we took the boys swimming (they had a great time!) and bought a picnic table for the boys. Carter was a huge help putting it together!
Here's the finished product. I love the snow in the background. It was a nice day though - finally some sunshine! The boys chowed down on a grilled cheese on their new table.
I liked this silly face that Carter was making. He was saying "Grilled Cheese".
A lovely no pants shot of Carter. Look at those muscles in his huge legs! He really likes to run around with no diaper. He tries to go potty on the pottychair too, but it hasn't happened yet.
This is a very nice one of Miss Avers big blue eyes. She was sitting on the couch having a nice talk with Terri and Jordan. She's been talking up a storm lately.
I just thought this was a pretty cool outfit: jacket, pajamas, and shoes with an Oreo face. He was a happy little guy that night!
Here's another fantastic muscle shot - this time of his buff arms. He was enjoying a delicious dinner of corn and mashed potatoes (his two favorites). The pop was Dad's.
This is the most peaceful sleeping baby picture. She was really out! She's beautiful as Carter would say.
Kathi and I were talking about Avery's lovely legs the other day. Here is a shot of her nice chubby baby legs.
Carter thinks he has the coolest room ever. We got him a poster that finally came in the mail the other day. He was so excited! He named pretty much every character on there - he doesn't know "A Bug's Life" yet.
He insisted on wearing this toolbelt home the other night. He was looking good. He pretended to put his bed together with the hammer and screwdriver.
This is Avery's super-soft bear rug from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness. She loves it. She lays on it and rubs it with her hands. It's so cute.
This is a nice little post-bath picture. She was pretty calm that night. Usually she hates the minute she gets out of that warm water.
I think this is so cute. We went over to Erica's house the other night and Landon showed Carter his new bed. They were sharing the pillow here. They can be so nice to eachother...sometimes.
I call this the "orange" picture. He's got an orange Wall-E shirt, an orange drill, and he's sitting in an orange seat.
I think she's knows that she's cute. I love this little striped sweater on her. That is one big smile for Mommy!
I love this little onesie. "Love Me" is a pretty easy command to follow!
Carter found another jacket that he likes. He was looking pretty cool in his Nike jacket eating a "triangle sandwich".
Avery absolutely loves her swing. If you turn it on the water sounds and put her really soft blanket over her, she will be passed out in about 30 seconds!

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