Monday, April 27, 2009

Getting better all the time

Here's my little girl grabbing my face and smiling. She's starting to kind of understand what she can do with her hands. She holds rattles and grabs at the toys on her bouncer now.

Carterman was telling her about IPods before bed one night. He kept showing her the screen and saying "This Ipod Avery".
This is Carter's new mad thing. He wraps his arms across his chest. He was angry because Dad wouldn't let him hold the marker while he was correcting papers. What a meanie! I like this much better than throwing a fit!
Avery likes Scrabble and her buddy Abbey. We played a lovely game on Saturday night, and a game of Clue on Sunday. It was a board game kind of weekend I guess.
Carter is a goofball and so is his Dad. Kyle decided to make a basket with Carter as the ball. He thought it was quite funny that he was in the hoop!
Carter told me he wanted to hold Avery. Then once she was laying on him he was done. I think he looks like he's thinking "Why did I want to do this again?".
We were playing peek-a-boo, and my little cutie was laughing out loud!
Carter went around the room asking if anyone wanted any Mylicon. "You want some?".
Just a cute picture of Kyle and our little man. I still think they look a lot alike.
A kind of blurry picture of me and my boy sharing some ice cream cake. He liked the little chocolate sprinkles or as he called them "Crunchies".
Erica and Landon also enjoyed some ice cream cake. Both our boys make some silly "cheese" faces!
Here's the Ice Cream cake before it was hacked into. Terri had a lovely Earthday Birthday!
Another trip to the park. The boys would like to go there every single day if they could.
Landon is a big fan of the swings. He was showing us how he could put his belly on there. He said, "Mia, wookit this!" which always makes me laugh!
Avery quite enjoyed her trip to the park. Last time it was a little windy for her. She had a nice time on the swings with her pal Jocko.
Avery was laughing and drooling all over me everytime I held her up in the air. Sometimes she really likes that because she stares at herself in the mirror. So vain ha ha!
This picture is cute because she's really listening to him. He was telling her that she had to buckle up for the ride home. I like how he's holding her leg too. He's a good brother.
Carter had some awesome hair the other day. They put sunscreen on his head at daycare and it was like styling gel. He looked good...his shirt had little dinosaurs all over it and said "DYNO-MYTE".
My little baby was passed out! I think Jordan bounced her to sleep on the exercise ball. That thing has come in handy, not for exercising of course!
This is one of Aver's favorite things to do - stick both hands in her mouth. If she could fit all ten fingers in there she would be thrilled!

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