Monday, March 30, 2009

Quiet, lazy week

Here's my little girl all passed out on the couch. This lasted all of 10 minutes. She wasn't a very good napper this weekend, but she slept all last night! I love her ladybug feet.

Here's one of her big goofy grins. She crinkles up her nose and eyes when she's about to give a big smile. She's awfully cute.
Carterman loves to try whatever anyone else is having. He pretty much stole Abbey's chai yogurt smoothie thing. He looks pretty proud of himself.
Abbey and Avery had some nice talks this week. This picture is a little washed out, but those big blue eyes are so cute. I swear she could not open them any wider!
Carter really wants to hold, carry, and feed Avery. Look at this love! He kills me. I think she liked cuddling with him too. He was being gentle no matter what the picture looks like!
Erica called me on Thursday afternoon after she picked up the boys from daycare. She was laughing because we dressed Carter and Landon pretty much the exact same. We do that all the time!
This is really not the best picture, but Carter spent a good ten minutes cleaning that pan with Grandma. He really likes doing the dishes. I figure it's okay if he gets soaked - then it's pajama time.
Carter has a new favorite movie to watch at bedtime...The Iron Giant. Aunt Terri brought it over one day, and he loves it. It is a very cute movie. Right when it starts, he yells "Here it comes, Here it comes" over and over again.
On Saturday Kyle and I fixed up Carter's room. We set up his toddler bed with some new lovely Cars stuff. We also found our little tiny TV so he could watch movies in there. He thought it was the best thing ever. He kept saying, "I turn on TV in my room". He slept in there all night without falling out of bed!
Here's another Abbey and Avery chat. They get along great. Avery is making more and more noises every day.
Avery also got to have a nice little talk with Poppa while I got Carter some dinner. She was laughing and laughing at him. Maybe it's the beard - I don't know!
Kyle had to work all night last Tuesday because of that horrible plane wreck. I laid down with Carter for awhile and fed Avery. She fell asleep way before he did! I just thought they looked cute in their brown-striped pajamas.
Carter and Landon found a whole bag of St. Patrick's Day stuff that hadn't been brought down to the basement yet. I couldn't really get a great picture because they kept pulling the hats over their faces. This one is pretty cute though!
Carter has discovered the joy of Oreos dipped in milk. He thought they were absolutely delicious. Landon liked to dip them and then give them to Carter!
Avery loves a good bath. That nice warm water just relaxes her.
Carter helped me brush her hair before we put shampoo in. She has a little bit of cradle cap. As you can see, everyone likes to help with Avery's bath. I love how she's staring at Abbey. Jordan was waiting with the towel afterwards. She was the lotion and pajama girl.
I'm sending this picture into the Snuggie company! Mom got a Snuggie for her birthday (among other not jokey presents). Look how happy she is about her hands being free!
I just like this picture because of her nice eyes and her little chunky hand on Terri's shoulder. She's my good girl.
We were watching the Lion King - I forgot how good that movie is. Abbey was being Rafiki, and Avery was being Simba. I'm sure the rest of us were singing "Circle of Life".
Here's Kyle in the Snuggie. He decided to put in on the other way. He said he looked like Gilderoy Lockhart (all you Harry Potter fans will enjoy that)!

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