Monday, April 20, 2009

The Norm

We had a pretty quiet week around here, which was lovely. Carter was being hilarious with Avery a couple nights ago. I was changing her into pajamas, but he decided she needed to wear her shoes. He was so funny telling her how she needs shoes.

I love how she's looking at him - like there's my brother; I have no idea what he's doing to me.
We had some surprise visitors yesterday. Dana, Jason, Jada, and Madelyn stopped by. They brought Carter and Landon fishing poles! They are the cutest little girls - look at that hair!
Jada was really tired when they first got there, but she was quite funny later on. She got to hold Avery for a minute before Aver's passed out.
Here's some tummy time from earlier that morning. She actually doesn't mind it, and she's pretty strong as you can see.
We took a trip to the mall on Saturday. Erica and Jordan stayed by the play thing with the boys while Abb, Avery, and I looked around. Then we switched. They look like they're having a good time!
Avery had a lovely time too. She fell asleep in Herberger's shortly after this picture.
Carter decided to wear Mr. Tato Head's teeth on Saturday morning. They look even cooler upside down!
Grandma got Avery a new rattle at Walmart the other day. She really likes it! She holds it very well too.
The boys were being so funny in Erica's car after we went to visit Grandma Vivian. They kept telling us that they wanted to go to the mall.
The boys really like to explore at Grandma "Bibian's" house. Carter was giving her a backscratcher - what a helpful guy.
Here's Lando man being silly in the car. He had some rosy cheeks that night!
More fun at Grandma's house. Landon was riding her cane like a horse, and Carter was playing with all the buttons on her phone. They definitely keep her entertained!
We went to the park on Friday. It was a nice day. Hopefully we'll have more of those this week. Carter said a lovely "cheese" for Erica. He's so goofy.
Avery got to go on the swings too. She enjoyed her first outing to the park. She really likes being outside. Jordan looks very summery here.
Here's a big Avery smile while she was chilling with Abb at the park. She is a good little girl.
Erica and Landon had a good time swinging too. He also went down the slide and played on the rock wall. Carter just wanted to run.
We had a large pile of bubble wrap last week. The boys had so much fun playing with it. Landon was hilarious - he looked like a stuntman jumping and rolling all over. Carter liked to swing it at Landon.
They were just crazy as you can see!
We went swimming again last week. They are starting to get pretty comfortable in the water. They both wore Cars swim trunks this time. This is obviously not the best picture, but Lando looked good.
Carter also looked lovely in his rolled up swim trunks. They look so cute.
After they got dressed, they enjoyed some Nemo fruit snacks. Carter wanted to eat his in the shower. He's my little weirdo.
Jordan was so happy when she could hold Avery again. She was a little weak at first after her appendectomy. Those eyes could not open any bigger!
Avery tried out the Bumbo chair! Abbey put her in it, and she seemed to like it. She didn't complain anyway!
Carter nicely told Avery that it was his chair. He tried to help her out of there also. He's willing to share with her, but only for a couple minutes.
Then Carter sat in his chair. He looks so little when he's naked. We weighed him this week though - he's up to 24 pounds.

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