Monday, May 4, 2009

4 Months!

Miss Avery was taking a nice little snooze on Abbey last night. It was so cute because she was holding on to the string on her sweatshirt. She is a cuddler.
Carterman's hair is getting long again. Last night after the bath it was so curly that I had to get a picture. No mullet yet so we're okay!
Here's Carter and Jordan pretending to sleep in his messy room. He thought it was really funny that Jordan wanted to lay in his bed!
Landoman came over on Saturday and Sunday to play and nap. He was lining up all the cars quite nicely. Hello to Erica and Kelsie also! Erica is visiting Alaska and Lando misses her, but he's been a good boy.
We went down to C Street Park earlier on Sunday. It started to rain on us a little bit and I spiked Carter's damp hair. He looked pretty awesome!
This picture absolutely kills me. That ball grazed the side of Lando's head - I promise he was fine. His face though and Carter's form...every time I look at it I laugh. Landon was playing catch with Dad and of course, Carter had to get in there.
Avery enjoys being so big in her chair. I love how her little hands are holding on. She's so damn cute.
We went out to Ritter's for her annual Cinco de Mayo party. Jordan was out there with Terri - which was wonderful because she chased Carter all over. This is Ritter's little boy Mason. He's so cute! He's about a month older than Avery - they'll be buds.
Madisyn and Carter had a good time together. They were playing in Madisyn's room with all her various Potato Head's and their buddy Jordan.
Madisyn's cousin Ryan pulled them all around the huge yard in this wagon. They also played baseball and catch. They even held hands which I thought I got a picture of, but apparently didn't. They were cute. Abbey Jean watched Avery for a couple hours because it was too chilly for her.
The boys are so helpful as you can see. They mostly splashed Avery in the face, but they were trying to keep her legs nice and warm.
After the bath Carterman kept his sister entertained. He kept saying, "You warm Avery?". I love her face here.
Here's a couple pictures of my girl chillin' on her bear rug. She loves to just lay on there and kick and kick!
Here's a lovely side shot of her beautiful little chubbiness. She always looks like she's dancing.
Jordan set her up on a pillow in the purple room so she could check out the Lion King. It didn't last long, but the TV really does grab her attention. She has chocolate all over her socks from her brother as you can see. He likes to say, "I want some candy Mom".
He looks totally crazy here. The hair, the eyes, the dirty's gorgeous.
Here's Carter earlier this week in his room. He's starting to really like all his birthday toys. He likes to fit as many cars as he can in the huge Mack truck.
Me and my babies bouncing on the exercise ball. We have a lovely time together!
I brought down Carter's old kick toy, and Avery thought it was quite fun. Carter also enjoyed it. He could sit behind it and change the different sounds. I love when they are playing together, and there's no crying!
She did a lot of kicking, but she also did a lot of arm flapping! She looks so cute all splayed out on the floor. I think she's quite pretty.
Our weather has been so crazy lately. This was the view out my window at work on Monday. It made me a bit depressed. I had a case of "The Mondays" as they say on Office Space.
My little hungry girl started rice cereal this week. She really likes it. She pretty much attacks the spoon when she sees it coming!

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